Are there any adults in Washington? Schumer and Trump no longer talking

Monday night in a fancy New York restaurant,  Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer loudly confronted a female supporter of President Trump. “He’s a liar! He’s a liar!” Schumer shouted, according to the N.Y. Post.

Twenty-four hours later in the East Room of the White House, Schumer took advantage of President Trump’s entertainment budget to partake of free appetizers, cocktails and entertainment by a military chorus and orchestra.

That’s one of the things Americans really adore about Washington, its denizens always displaying a powerful sincerity in expressing their honest feelings while conscientiously conducting the people’s business. Schumer and Trump used to be cozy pals at the tuxedoed soirees that characterize life for Gotham’s wealthy elite. Both cultivated positive coverage from its tabloids.

Now, Schumer calls Trump a “liar” and Trump calls Schumer the Democrats’ “head clown.”

It’s all part of the performance art that politics have become in the nation’s capitol complete with scripts of talking points. The media recounts its twists and turns like Soap Opera Digest catching us up on “Days of Our Lives.” They would have us believe that the son of a Brooklyn exterminator, a 66-year-old lifelong legislator who’s cousin to comedienne Amy Schumer, has not talked with the 70-year-old billionaire president from Queens since Jan. 20.

“Right now,” Schumer reportedly told Politico reporters the other day, “there’s not really much to talk about.”

Which is the honest to God truth except for fixing healthcare, the pending Supreme Court confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch, Schumer’s threatened filibuster, raising the national debt limit, Trump’s supplemental budget request for border enforcement and rebuilding the military, tax reform, oh, and the next government shutdown looming late next month. If any of this can be squeezed in around Congress’ inviolate two-week vacation before then.

Life in the congressional minority is truly hell, rife with frustration and political impotence. Its members must take pleasure in even the smallest thing like Republicans’ initial setback over ObamaCare repeal.

Like Harry Reid before him, Schumer has harshened his rhetorical tone to satisfy Democrats’ liberal donor base. Otherwise, its wealthy members would see only chaos at the Democratic National Committee where new chairman Tom Perez has asked for every single staffer’s resignation.  Perez is the party’s third chair in less than a year.

Fact is, both Trump and Schumer need to talk amongst themselves. Trump will need Democrat support if he truly wants an end-around his recalcitrant Republican rump of proclaimed conservatives. How about infrastructure, Chuck? Your union members would love those jobs.

Schumer has threatened to filibuster the Gorsuch vote to keep the GOP from getting the necessary 60 votes. That too may be for the benefit of donors. Maybe it’s Schumer and Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell who should be talking.

Schumer would be advised not to waste that maneuver on Gorsuch, who’s straight out of central judge casting. Republicans would simply invoke the so-called nuclear option, lowering the required confirmation vote to 51 for justices as Reid did previously for lower court judges. And that would grease the way for easy confirmation of Trump’s next SCOTUS pick, likely more conservative than Gorsuch.


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