Obama reveals he'd have been an even worse president without Hillary


Not everybody notices, but Barack Obama is having a blast these last 11 weeks of political relevance. Sure, one cheeky trick-or-treater confronted the president dressed as a duck with his arm in a sling. Get it, lame duck?


And never mind ISIS, which he vowed to defeat, and ObamaCare, which he vowed would save everyone $2,500. Neither is happening. But Obama is in his natural habitat, accepting campaign crowds’ adulation.

Obama’s many failures are smothered as media and much of the country endure these last frantic campaign days with polls, charges and say-anything-because-no-one-cares-about-truth-anymore?

So the aging pol is out there fundraising and campaigning, allegedly to help his one-time rival Hillary Clinton. Not really. He’s helping Clinton help him. Her election is the only way his tarnished legacy, such as it is, can survive.

And since WikiLeak’s disclosures re-opened the self-inflicted Clinton email scandal that never ends and revealed the dirty Democrat conspiracy to engineer Clinton’s nomination, her success doesn’t seem quite so inevitable anymore. Hello, 2008.

“I know it’s hard to view me as objective here,” Obama told North Carolina students this week, “but I’m about to leave. So I’m just lettin’ you know the truth.”

The truth? From the man who promised 36 times you could keep your doctor, who was going to end Washington’s bitter partisan divide, who’s vowed swift justice to many terrorists while releasing many others to rejoin the fight.


Obama claims he was completely unaware of Clinton’s unauthorized private email server before news reports. Uh-huh. Like the IRS and Fast and Furious scandals. But somehow, we now know, Obama exchanged numerous emails with her while using an alias. Now, why would the president of the United States employ an alias with a cabinet member if he thinks he’s on a secure government server?

Oh, and Huma Abedin had to register each private Clinton email address with Obama aides for the secretary’s missives to reach his secure BlackBerry.

Clinton’s strategy all along has been to profess a desire for transparency while dragging her feet, even allowing thousands of emails to be deleted after a congressional preservation order.

Now, those delays and the FBI and FBI leaks have caught up to her in the campaign’s crucial closing hours as polls show the race tightening between the status quo secretary and the change agent, her former donor, Donald Trump.

Word recognition is revealing. Say Nixon, think Watergate. Say Bill Clinton, think Monica. Now, Gallup finds overwhelmingly the first word Americans cite about Hillary Clinton is “email.” Not the most impressive presidential platform.

By Tuesday, Obama will make at least 15 campaign appearances for her. Michelle Obama has proven a much more effective surrogate. But hubby still tries.


It wouldn’t be a Great Uniter’s speech without Obama ripping Republicans for having an ideology. Trump is, of course, unqualified. Also dangerous. And there’s the obligatory crowd reminder that Osama bin Laden sleeps with the fishes thanks to Obama, although if memory serves SEALs were involved too.

At times Obama sounds apologetic about his anointed successor.

“You know what?”  a shirt-sleeved Obama says, affecting his we’re-just-folks-here drawl. “She’s not flashy. She’s not goin’ around spendin’ all the time giving big stem-winders. And as a consequence, sometimes she’s under-appreciated here at home.”

And then Obama’s big zinger: “”But she made me a better president.”


You mean these past 2,845 days of Obama’s reign of error would have been worse without Clinton by his side as  architect of the failed Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran, Russia, China, North Korea policies?

By the way, Obama’s exit comes in 77 days. One less than yesterday.

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David Strom 6:00 AM | May 23, 2024