Left: Planet Earth is in jeopardy with Trump's EPA pick! Also... Hitler!

Climate change activists have been rather disturbed by President-elect Donald Trump’s choice of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as the new Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Some of our favorite reactions have come from the usual suspects.

But the best, over-the-top, hysterical (in every sense of the word) reaction comes from Dan Pfeiffer, former communications guru for President Barack Obama. The CNN contributor took to Twitter to proffer what may well be the finest reaction to the Pruitt pick one could ever hope for:

Wait. This just in… perhaps Pfeiffer has been outdone by this guest on last night’s Tucker Carlson Tonight.


During the conversation on Fox News, Democrat Erin Schrode told Carlson that the Pruitt pick was an example of why Trump is like Hitler.

It’s vexing. Which reaction is more amusing? Pruitt proves Trump is Hitler, or the future of planet Earth is in jeopardy because of Pruitt?  We report, you decide.