Obama: Hillary email scheme 'an honest mistake'

The President of the United States characterized his Secretary of State’s deliberate decision to keep all of her official government business on an unauthorized, unsecured, non-governmental home-brew email server that left top secret information vulnerable to hostile foreign nations as “an honest mistake.”

In an interview with NowThisNews that Allahpundit focused on Wednesday, Obama showed that he is clearly more interested in securing his legacy by keeping Donald Trump out of the White House than he was about the protocols of our basic federal document procedures or the security of state secrets under our nation’s espionage laws:

“Obviously, it’s become a political controversy. You know, the fact of the matter is, is that Hillary Clinton, having been in the arena for 30 years, oftentimes gets knocked around and people say crazy stuff about her and when she makes a mistake, an honest mistake, it ends up being blown up as if it’s just some crazy thing.”

One is left to wonder if the Commander-in-Chief will exonerate Petty Officer First Class Kristian Saucier who “made the mistake” of taking a picture of the submarine he worked on. Suacier faces 30 years for his mistake.

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