O'Keefe: I don't see how Hillary can deny violating election law

Monday’s release of a third video in Project Veritas’ expose of dirty tricks perpetrated by liberal groups connected to the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign featured what appears to be a significant violation of campaign finance laws.

As AP wrote up yesterday, it all revolves around a duck:

James O’Keefe takes you through the basics of illegal campaign coordination in the clip. Do note that Bob Creamer himself seems to understand that something untoward is being admitted when he tells the undercover investigator that Hillary is all-in on the sub-moronic “Donald ducks” idea — and then quickly urges him not to mention that elsewhere. Also note: This isn’t the first time recently that the Clinton campaign has been accused of coordination. A complaint has already been filed against them with the FEC alleging that they’re cooperating illegally with David Brock’s outfit Correct The Record. There are also questions regarding their relationship with the Clinton Super PAC Priorities USA.

Hours after the story broke, I interviewed O’Keefe on WMAL radio in Washington DC:

“This is the thing that could potentially change everything,” O’Keefe said regarding the claim y Creamer that certain activities of the non-profit organizations receiving unregulated campaign funds were carried out at the direct command of candidate Clinton.

This despite the fact that Clinton campaign manager Roy Mook denied any involvement with Creamer or any of the other operatives seen on last week’s Project Veritas videos appearing to show Democrat activists inciting violence at Trump rallies this past summer.

“This video proves a clear violation and FEC complaints were filed today,” O’Keefe said.  “So now, we have the evidence we need to hopefully get a reaction from the White House which is more than (White House Spokesman) Josh Earnest told us last week.”

“Person after person after person is saying ‘this is all Hillary’s idea.’ So, Hillary… it’s going to be fascinating to watch,” O’Keefe concluded. “Because I don’t think she can lie about this. I don’t think she can deny it.”

Oh James… just watch.