Gary Johnson's latest 'Aleppo moment': Can't name a single foreign leader


Last night, at a town hall event on MSNBC, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson had an embarrassing moment:

There are many Republican voters who are leaning toward Johnson because they believe Donald Trump is unprepared to be president. The rationale appears to be that Trump “lacks a basic understanding” of important fundamental issues, especially when it comes to foreign policy.

So Gary Johnson’s your choice, really?

Listen, I have plenty of respect for my friends who have fundamental issues with Donald Trump’s character and his conservative bona fides. I get it. For me, the Supreme Court and the obvious destruction a Hillary Clinton presidency will do to our nation over-ride those concerns.

If you’re voting for Johnson because you think he has some superior intellect, tempermant or abilities, you’ve got to re-examine this situation. I mean, you can write the original “Aleppo moment” off as a “gotcha” question or a one-time flub.

But if you’re a conservative and you’re voting for anyone who doesn’t immediately say “Bibi Netanyahu” in response to the standard question “who’s your favorite world leader?” then I just don’t understand you.


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