Going by the Ann Coulter standard, Trump's immigration speech might rank just behind the Gettysburg Address

Conservative polemicist Ann Coulter had been expressing some grave concerns about Donald Trump’s so-called “softening” of his position on border security and illegal immigration. As Trump and his surrogates have performed their bizarre performance art punditry of open and ambiguous speculation over the past ten days on amnesty, deportation and a “legal path,” Coulter has made her displeasure known via her endlessly entertaining Twitter account:

Considering her brand new book is entitled In Trump We Trust, the appearance of a major illegal immigration flip-flop appeared to undermine Coulter’s entire thesis.

Then came Wednesday night’s one hour and fifteen minute speech in Arizona:


Enter a renewed, rejuvenated (and probably pretty relieved) Ann Coulter:

And there you have it.

(Churchill, really?)


Ann Coulter

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