Can we talk about the national security implications of Anthony Weiner's... habit?

In light of the news that Huma Abedin has officially separated from her husband, former congressman/mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, it’s valuable to reflect on the very serious threat this disturbed individual’s proximity to power posed to United States national security.


National security? What?  This is just a funny and tawdry story about a degenerate former congressman acting pervy on the Internet. How can this have national security implications?

Well, to be sure, Weiner’s latest sexting escapades as detailed by Jazz earlier today are disturbing and, yes, hilarious.

Considering this degenerate pig first accused Andrew Breitbart — and all of us who worked at the “Big Sites” back then — of committing a federal crime by hacking into his Twitter account when the first “Weiner-gate” revelations consumed the news cycle over Memorial Day weekend 2011, it’s personally so gratifying and amusing to see him humiliate himself publicly for a third time since Andrew was vindicated so thoroughly.

Take a moment to remember the day Andrew took over the podium of Weiner’s press conference while the assembled media were waiting for the disgraced congressman to respond to the photos published that morning at Big Government proving that Weiner was guilty of sending the now infamous Weiner Tweet he tried to deny that week:

Can any of us forget where we were that day?  So, yes, it’s hilarious to see Weiner engaged in the same behavior all over again while he continues to represent the Democratic Party on television, the radio and at their convention, even in a non-official capacity.

But the disturbing habits of the now-separated husband of Hillary Clinton’s closest confidante is a very serious issue when it comes to national security.


I asked Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer (ret.) a former intelligence officer, about the potential vulnerability Weiner poses when engaged in this kind of behavior while his spouse is in the tightest circle of trust with a potential leader of the free world.

“Weiner’s continued personal habits present an opportunity for exploitation by foreign intelligence or terrorist groups,” Shaffer told me. “There is a heightened potential for blackmail.”

Shaffer went on to say that a continued relationship between Abedin and Weiner also reflects on the former’s ability to serve at the highest levels of government. “By her marriage to Weiner, Abedin cannot be considered to be either reliable due to the personal stress that comes with being married to an emotionally unstable person,” Shaffer explained.

I asked Shaffer what his strategy would be if he was conducting an operation on a foreign government and they new a spouse to someone close to the nation’s leader was engaged Weiner’s habitual conduct.

“This would be an intelligent operative’s ‘wet dream’ to find this opportunity to gain access to intelligence and have the ability to manipulate a nation’s political figures with such direct access,” Shaffer said.

And what if the Clinton Administration promised a “firewall” between Abedin and Weiner, like the firewall they built between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation?


“It doesn’t work that way,” Shaffer explained. “Spouses will have access to scheduling, contacts and state of mind of Huma and of the Clintons,”  he continued.  “That is far more important than access to classified data.”

This very real threat (and the obvious political distraction just months before her boss’ big presidential election day) may explain why Abedin finally sent Carlos Danger his walking papers today. Let’s face it, Weiner’s disturbing behavior could very well have endangered his wife’s ability to have the coveted Chief of Staff position many are speculating she’s in line for. Frankly, her lack of judgement and common sense in keeping him around as long as she had might still prevent her from rising to that level.

However, let’s face it, in Clinton Administrations of the past, there’s been far worse judgement than that displayed in the Oval Office. So, you never know…



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David Strom 8:30 PM | February 22, 2024