Clinton University: Bill pocketed $17.6 million from for-profit college Hillary assisted and now demonizes

Emails show that as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton personally intervened on behalf of a for-profit college corporation that her husband then made over $17 million from. Now, she demonizes the very industry her family got rich off of.


Mrs. Clinton has been ripping the for-profit college industry during her campaign for president. As a way to connect her opponent, Donald Trump, and his troubled enterprise Trump University to the burgeoning industry, Clinton has called for a complete overhaul of the for-profit college industry while pushing her tax-payer funded “College Affordability Plan.”

“As part of this New College Compact, Hillary will encourage and reward innovators who design imaginative new ways of providing valuable higher education to students while driving down costs. And she will crack down on the abusive practices of for-profit colleges that defraud taxpayers while burdening students with debt for educational programs of no value.”

However, it appears her family has gained great wealth from this very industry she now seeks to “crack down” on for their “abusive practices.”

Former President Bill Clinton cashed in to the tune of $17.6 million from Laureate Education, Inc. as the “honorary chancellor” of that institution.  In April of 2015, the former president stepped down from his position as “honorary chancellor” of Laureate, the world’s largest for-profit college which, incidentally, is backed by none other than George Soros.

According to NBC News, the stories of fraud emanating from victims former students of Laureate sound hauntingly similar to the ongoing lawsuit over Trump University:


And some two dozen former and current students at Laureate’s flagship school in the U.S. — an online, for-profit school called Walden University — told NBC News they feel victimized by the kind of practices Clinton has promised to fight. A 2015 study found Walden students had compiled the second-highest debt load of any school in the U.S.

“We pursued [our degrees] because we wanted to be successful and not be put in poverty,” said Sondra Beall-Davis, a current PhD candidate at Walden and a former corporate consultant, who now owes over $200,000 in student loan debt incurred during her time at Walden. “Now you’ve taken me from a successful career to poverty.”

Not only did Mrs. Clinton personally benefit from her husband’s lucrative relationship with Laureate, but it appears as Secretary of State she intervened on behalf of the corporation months before they hired the former president for his multi-million dollar deal.

Back in September, The Daily Caller pointed out an email from 2009 where Secretary Clinton was hosting a private dinner to focus on the State Department’s higher education policy. After reviewing the guest list, she personally intervened to ensure her husband’s future benefactor be included in the exclusive, power-dinner:

In one email, sent Aug. 2, 2009 and first noted by Inside Higher Ed, Clinton discusses the upcoming dinner and what guests should be invited. She urges the department to invite a representative of the for-profit chain Laureate International Universities to the dinner.

“And [redacted] works for the fastest-growing college network in the world, Laureate Universities, started by Doug Becker who Bill likes a lot,” Clinton says. “It’s a for-profit model that should be represented.”


Within months of that meeting, the Soros-backed, for-profit corporation hired the Secretary of State’s husband for his $17 million gig.

Jazz wrote about this growing story last week and it has been discussed on conservative blogs (as well as pro-Sanders sites) for a few months, but this morning, the NBC News report which gives the first detailed look at Laureate’s appearance in the Clinton’s just-released tax returns, should give new oxygen to the on-going scandals dogging the Clinton campaign.

Can we be the first to coin the term “Clinton University” for this pay-for-play, hypocritical scandal?


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David Strom 2:40 PM | July 24, 2024