Bennett: #NeverTrump-ers put vanity above country; 'Terrible case of moral superiority'

Former Education Secretary Bill Bennett appeared on Fox News Thursday night to praise Donald Trump’s speech in North Carolina which included an expression of regret for saying hurtful things during the past campaign year.

When asked what groups Trump needs to reach to win the election in November, Bennett singled out one particular group he thinks Trump should not waste his time on:

“He does not need to speak to the “Never Trumpers,” some of my friends – or maybe former friends – who suffer from a terrible case of moral superiority and put their own vanity and taste above the interest of the country.”

Bennett went on to praise Trump’s “moment of humility” and said that this speech, along with his speech about law and order in the African-American community, could put him on the right track toward victory as it will make in-roads to voters in the center and even black voters.