Hillary takes ground troops 'off the table' in fight against ISIS

She isn’t even president and Hillary Clinton is already mimicking President Obama’s brilliant ability to surrender and telegraph our lack of will to fight to our enemies and allies.

Clinton told a crowd in Scranton, PA yesterday that the idea of American troops in Iraq to combat ISIS is “off the table” as far as she is concerned: (WaPo)

“Donald Trump has been all over the place on ISIS. He’s talked about letting Syria become a free zone for ISIS. A major country in the Middle East that could launch attacks against us and others. He’s talked about sending ground troops — American ground troops. Well, that is  off the table as far as I am concerned.”

Setting aside the fact that there are over 3,800 troops already in Iraq (many of them fighting on the ground to defeat ISIS) is it really a wise policy to telegraph to our enemy exactly what we won’t consider doing in our efforts to defeat them?

And, is this really a promise Clinton can (or should) keep should she become Commander-in-Chief?

I asked Amb. John Bolton that question earlier this morning on my morning radio program on WMAL in Washington DC.

Bolton said, “What’s most important here is to get past the fog of words from Obama and Clinton.  ‘Boots on the ground,’ ‘ground troops…’ there are already nearly 5,000 troops in harms way fighting against ISIS.”  Bolton went on to say, “This, to me, was a real demonstration in response to Trump’s speech that she is running for Barack Obama’s 3rd term. ”

As one of my listeners pointed out this morning, this also sends a destructive message to our allies:

Think about it…. whether you want to say they “founded” ISIS or use the more politically normative terminology that ISIS was allowed to flourish due to their negligent policies, an obvious case can be made that Clinton and Obama are in large part responsible for the rise and domination of ISIS and the terror they inflict around the world.

By informing our allies in Western Europe that we will never deliver ground troops to fight our Jihadist enemies, how could we ever cajole them to take up the fight themselves?

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