VIDEO: Milwaukee rioter explains 'Rich got all this money and ain't tryin' give none'

When one looks at the details of the officer-involved shooting in Milwaukee, WI which sparked the past two days of violent riots in that town, it’s hard to see exactly where the outrage is stemming from.

John Sexton explained the details yesterday,  including the dead man’s criminal record, the circumstances leading up to the shooting and let me add to this the fact that the officer involved in the shooting was African-American himself.

So why are there riots in the streets? Why is Milwaukee burning because of this shooting?

Maybe the answer is found in this live video sound byte from one of the “protesters” on Saturday night:



“The rich people got all this money and they not like, you know, tryin’ give us none.”

Wait… was he just quoting a Bernie Sanders/Hillary Clinton stump speech?

What we are seeing in Milwaukee is community organizing at its finest. That’s why the Black Lives Matter list of demands sounds like the Communist Manifesto. The parents and family members of young men who are dead because of a policeman’s bullet are being used by the Left to advance their hateful, socialist agenda.

And the opportunistic community organizers are celebrated at the Democratic National Convention and hosted by our President and Attorney General at the White House.

Clearly, the facts of the actual shooting are meaningless. If anyone cared about the actual reality behind most of these officer-involved shootings, then the fictional “hands-up, don’t shoot” protests that continue at the site of the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson. MO would be mocked as the farce they are.

Milwaukee riot