Tapper: Pay-for-play emails show 'Clintons think rules don’t apply to them”

The revelations found in a new batch of emails uncovered by Judicial Watch got a healthy dose of media coverage Wednesday as revelations of an apparent “pay-for-play” arrangement between the Clinton Foundation and the Hillary Clinton State Department raised eyebrows even in the most biased newsrooms in America. (Yes, even MSNBC and NPR covered the story.)

In fact…

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And on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, Tapper conducted a panel discussion with David Gergen and Jackie Kucinich where he pointed out what should e evident to any other journalist not dazzled by the Clinton Campaign (and State Department) spin:

“This does feed into the narrative out there that the Clintons in general don’t think that the rules apply to them, and can’t understand why anybody would ever question their ethics or their integrity. This is exactly what the Obama transition team in 2008 wanted to avoid. They wanted a clear dilatation between the foundation and the State Department.”

“This does feed into the narrative out there that the Clintons in general don’t think that the rules apply to them,” is the quote being highlighted by many on the Internet because it resonates with one of the major problems with Clintonland. It also resonates across party lines because the Bernie Sanders campaign fed this narrative for the past year as well.

But, frankly, I appreciate the second part of Tapper’s statement even more than the first. “And (they) can’t understand why anybody would ever question their ethics or their integrity.”

It’s not just the apparent corruption and violation of the law that fuels resentment toward the Clintons, it’s the sanctimonious indignation that there’s something wrong with YOU for even daring to raise a question about their pristine integrity. It’s truly offensive and one of the things that makes Secretary Clinton that much more unlikable to the American people.

A clear example of this dismissive indignation occurred in the very first response she gave to the email scandal during her brief, encounter with journalists at the United Nations in March, 2015 when she deigned to grant an audience to the media to answer a small handful of questions.

People forget that before she lied to reporters and the American people answered questions about her emails, she gave a statement about human rights and women’s rights around the world and then gave a statement about the negotiations on the Iran nuclear deal and a letter sent to the Iranian government by Republican senators regarding the President’s ability to make that deal without Senate confirmation.

After reading those statements she then said this:

“Now, I would be pleased to talk more about this important matter, but I know there have been questions about my email, so I want to address that directly, and then I will take a few questions from you.”

In other words: “I’m a really important person dealing with really important issues but you pesky journalists and right-wing enemies want to distract the American people with this non-story about my emails.”

Over a year later we still have not gotten a straight answer from Clinton about her email server and she continues to lie about not only the scheme but the FBI investigation into it, but the noblesse oblige attitude in disseminating information to the huddled masses continues.

And unless the Trump campaign can figure out how to pounce on these latest revelations of the incestuous relationship between the Hillary’s cronies at the Clinton Foundation and the inner workings of the United States State Department, we should all prepare for four year of this kind of haughty attitude from “our betters” in the White House.



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