Saudi Arabia hates religious freedom, LOVES Clinton Foundation

The Obama Administration released a report condemning many nations for religious freedom violations and atrocities Wednesday specifically pointing out Muslim nations that practice extreme enforcement of Shariah Law.

The Associated Press details portions of the announcement made from the State Department:

The State Department said in its annual report on global religious freedom released Wednesday that these laws, notably in Muslim countries, can abet societal and religious passions that often encourage death sentences for the accused.

“Such laws conflict with and undermine universally recognized human rights,” it said. “False accusations, often lodged in pursuit of personal vendettas or for the personal gain of the accuser, are not uncommon. Mob violence as a result of such accusations is disturbingly common.” The report also said “courts in many countries continued to hand down harsh sentences for blasphemy and apostasy, which were used to severely curtail the religious freedom of their residents.”

The report noted particular problems with blasphemy laws in Afghanistan, Mauritania, Pakistan, Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

The fact that the report was read from the briefing room in the State Department, just a few hundred yards from the office once occupied by Hillary Clinton is a special kind of irony.

You see, some of the countries detailed in this report on gross violations of basic human rights like religious freedom also appear on the regular donor list of the Clinton Foundation:  (PolitiFact)

Looking at the Clinton Foundation’s donor list, Saudi Arabia gave between $10 million and $25 million. But the foundation reported the Saudi money in December 2008, and the amount hasn’t changed since.

Maybe this cozy relationship is one of the many reasons why Hillary has gained such favor in the all-important “Parents of radical Islamic terrorists” voting bloc.


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David Strom 6:01 AM on June 06, 2023