Video: Ollie North nails Obama on Iran ransom deal... and he should know!

The Obama Administration spent most of Wednesday denying the obvious fact that they paid a $400 million ransom to the terrorist state of Iran in exchange for four American hostages.

Despite the fact that Obama’s own Justice Department raised red flags over the obvious cash-for-hostages deal, the media pretty much gave the White House a pass and allowed them to continue their unbelievable denials.

Well, here’s one guy who won’t give them a pass. Lt. Col. Oliver North.

“Been there, done that,” was North’s painfully self-aware initial take during his appearance on Fox News’ “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” last night. But watch the entire video, because North provides a litany of the lies that the Obama Administration has gotten away with over the past seven and a half years:

Tying Obama’s tall tale over the ransom scheme with his “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” lie is a brilliant rhetorical tactic and one that was picked up upon by the Republican nominee the next day: (WaPo)

“We’ve just learned about a $400 million ransom payment. Now Obama said yesterday, ‘It has nothing to do with it.’ It’s another lie. It’s just like the Obamacare lie,” Trump said, referring to the Affordable Care Act during a campaign event in Des Moines. “It’s just like so many other lies. It’s another lie. Same day, just a coincidence right? Cash. Cash.”

But it’s the unassailable punditry of North on this topic that resonates est considering he was in the center of Iran/Contra affair which wasn’t nearly as brazen as the Obama scheme or Obama’s lies about it.

North appeared later last week on Hannity and went further in his clear explanation as to why this payment to Uran’s mullah’s is clearly, without a doubt, an illegal ransom:

Yes, this was a ransom. Look it, the very first demand by the Iranians when I met with them in 1985 was a refund of the $400 million from the Shah, a down payment on weapons he wanted to buy. That’s what they wanted from Jimmy Carter. That’s what they wanted from me. You know, it turns out I was actually a better negotiator than John Kerry. We didn’t send money to the Iranians. They paid us. I know. I was the one who had to sit down on the other side of the table with the likes of Ahmadinejad and Rouhani. What they wanted first of all was that $400 million. They got it from this administration. The Israeli ship TOWs, and we got hostages and Iranian money. The TOWs were doctored so they wouldn’t work, and we had an interpreter, thank god, who was there and confirmed that. We used the money from the Ayatollah to support a pro-democracy unit in Central America. Is that the right thing to do? Apparently a lot of people decided otherwise. But we didn’t have to do things like they did it. I mean think about this. There’s an American transport plane right behind the shipment of money, and they’re telling me this isn’t ransom? It defies reality. Why didn’t somebody ask that at the press conference today?

Let’s not forget, when North was involved with the mere transfer of weapons and replacement parts for weapons to Iran in exchange for hostages in the 1980s, our nation was at a stand-still as Congress and the media behaved as though the presidency (and quite possibly the future of our Democratic Republic) was hanging in the balance.

Today, the circumventing of federal law by laundering US currency through a Swiss bank and converting it to 500 Euro bills (the preferred denomination of drug cartels and terrorists) and sending it on an unmarked plane in the dead of night while a plane with our American hostages waits for it to land barely warrants one question at a presidential press conference.

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