Where is CNN's Green Party town hall event?

Boy, CNN seems really motivated to promote the Libertarian ticket, don’t they?

As Hot Air’s Taylor Millard pointed out here Monday, CNN has scheduled another town hall event for Wednesday night where Anderson Cooper will moderate a discussion with presidential nominee Gary Johnson and VP nominee William Weld.

This is really, really good, especially for the disaffected conservatives and Republicans who don’t want to support either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. It gives them the chance to check out Johnson and Bill Weld for themselves, instead of what they’ve read on blogs or newspapers. Voters can decide whether or not they want to support a Johnson/Weld team.

It also gives the candidates a chance to differentiate themselves from Trump and Clinton. Yes, both Johnson and Weld have made mistakes in previous public appearances (Weld’s comments on Supreme Court justices and which senators he prefers are laughable), and I really hope Anderson Cooper asks them about religious liberty, and follows up with a, “What happens if federal law runs sideways with the Constitution?” question. That’s certainly a question I really want to hear Johnson answer.

Let’s not be coy here, the better the Libertarian ticket does, the better Hillary Clinton does. Full stop.

Gary Johnson and William Weld were Republicans (more than just in name only) when they held public office. They embrace the small government ethos that drives much of the Republican principles (although not necessarily their actual legislative history) and the voters they tend to draw would find themselves more naturally in the GOP side of things come November 8.

They are obviously the “third party” option for center-right voters in America.

But what about the fourth party? What about the Green Party? Where’s CNN’s big, prime time town hall event for the Greenies?

Nothing on the schedule. Is it any surprise? The Green Party is to the Democrats what the Libertarian Party is to the Republicans.  If presidential candidate Jill Stein draws any votes (and at the moment they attract 3.5% of the vote which is enough to change things in certain critical states this November) she’ll be drawing them from voters who generally identify with the Dems.

Indeed, Bernie Sanders’ former campaign surrogate Nina Turner is considering a run for the VP slot with Stein. Stein herself is openly campaigning for Sanders’ supporters to jump to her party. She recently told CNN that she was the only viable “Plan B” for the dis-affected Bernsters.

“If Bernie endorses Hillary, I urge Bernie’s supporters not to throw in the towel,” Stein said. Stein slammed Clinton, saying the former secretary of state does not have “a track record that has been good for women and children.”

The fact that Clinton has become the first female presumptive presidential nominee for the Democratic or Republican parties did not influence her either.

“We need not just someone who is born with a particular gender identity, but someone in the office who supports women,” Stein said, pointing out that she was also a woman and a feminist running for president.

Clearly this is a message that CNN is not interested in shining the spotlight on. Meanwhile, the “third way” option for right-leaning voters will now have their second round of prime time infomercial treatment from the cable news network.

Why? You know why.

Jill Stein