Jan Brewer is sick of being called 'racist' for opposing Obama and Clinton

Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) is sick of being called a bigot and a racist because she is a Republican, supports Republican principals and supports the Republican nominee for president. And she let her former colleague, Gov. Martin O’Malley (R-MD) hear it Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union.

In a fiery exchange between the two former governors, Brewer went off on O’Malley after he told Brewer he couldn’t believe she was supporting Trump because “Donald Trump is a bigot, Donald Trump is a racist, Donald Trump, in fact, is making fascist appeals.”

O’Malley’s attack came after Brewer responded to President Obama’s comments over the weekend calling Trump a “charlatan”  and a “bigot.”


“President Obama just always comes tearing after Republicans constantly. Calling names and calling people bigots and racists, and that’s their big comeback and absolutely ridiculous. To see a president speak like that is offensive, period.”

That’s when O’Malley used the carnival trick that Democrats have mastered over the past several years (or has it been decades, I’ve lost track.)

“I think there’s something very, very different here, Jake. Governor Brewer, President Obama doesn’t say this about all Republicans but he does say rightly that Donald Trump is a bigot. Donald Trump is a racist. Donald Trump in fact is making fascist appeals. That’s why many self-respecting Republicans are not supporting Donald Trump for president.

Look, being president of the United States is the toughest job in the world and I can tell you, as someone who has worked with Secretary Clinton and competed against her that she is a tough person who is ready to do this job. Donald Trump is an unstable charlatan who is appealing to the worst instincts in people, and I believe ultimately the American people are going to reject that. This is a very different sort of candidacy. This is not the party of Lincoln.”

Don’t tell me Trump is “a very different sort of candidacy,” Gov. O’Malley, because your party has been labeling the Republicans “racist” for decades and it’s become the new normal under the Obama presidency.

You see, the GOP was “not the party of Lincoln” when Ronald Reagan spoke out against the welfare state by correctly pointing out grotesque levels of abuse personified by Linda Taylor whom he called a “welfare queen.

We were called “racists” when President George H. W. Bush when he re-used then-Sen. Al Gore’s (D-TN) Willie Horton ad against Gov. Michael Dukakis (D-MA) in the 1988 presidential election.

The GOP was no longer the “party of Lincoln” when the Newt Gingrich led House championed welfare reform in the mid-1990s. Don’t mind the fact that our “first black president” Bill Clinton signed the bill into law. He was only doing it because racist Newt made him do it.

We were called “racist” when a hurricane devastated New Orleans and the African American mayor neglected his own citizens by not evacuating the city. But because a Republican was the president, clearly our bigotry was the cause of the Katrina-related deaths.

We’ve been called “racist” for supporting Sen. John McCain (R-AZ against Obama in 2008. “Racist” for supporting Romney in 2012.

We were “racist” for opposing Obamacare, the 2009 stimulus, the military pull-out from Iraq, automatic amnesty for millions of people who are violating our nation’s immigration laws and racial preferences in hiring or college admissions.

We were racist for advocating for voter identification laws to combat voter fraud, for supporting the police in several officer-involved shooting incidents exploited by “Black Lives Matter” and for wanting additional scrutiny of refugees and other immigrants coming from Islamic-dominated nations that sponsor and export terrorism around the world.

In other words, like Gov. Brewer, we are over it. Enough. “Racist” has become meaningless at this point. It’s just a Turrets syndrome-style outburst meant to shout-down political foes and avoid talking about actual issues that mean something to our nation.

O’Malley proved it in this exchange. When Brewer challenged him to talk about actual issues rather than calling Trump a racist he claimed he’d love to talk about issues. So, when given the chance to do so, he instead turned the conversation back to Trump’s remarks about the judge in his Trump University fraud case. He challenged Brewer to defend Trump’s suggestion that the judge’s Mexican-American ethnicity and membership in a La Raza organization was influencing his decisions in the case.

Brewer said she did not believe Trump’s remarks were motivated by any racial animus and all O’Malley could say in response, after staring silently at Brewer for several seconds, was, “I can’t believe you’re supporting Donald Trump.”

Get it? At that point the issue is no longer Trump’s supposed “racism,” it’s Brewer’s support of the so-called “racist.”

That’s what they do. That’s all they have. After all, it beats supporting a lying, corrupt candidate under FBI investigation.

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