The one question reporters failed to ask any of the Democrats about their sit-in protest

The media orgy over the Democrats’ temper tantrum in the House of Representatives has been well documented over the past 24 hours. But with all the fawning tributes and comparisons to civil rights era protests on the 1960s, one fundamental, logical question seems to have escaped the minds of the hive-mentality media gaggle covering the Pelosi-run publicity stunt.

Let’s first point out the so-called “common sense gun safety legislation” these Democrats claim was the impetus behind their fund-raising escapade disguised as a protest.  The crux of their agenda had to do with legislation designed to prevent individuals on the terrorist watch list from buying weapons. This would deny the right to bear arms to up to a million people because someone in a government office in Washington put their name on a list. A fundamental, constitutionally protected right would be denied without due process.

It’s pretty serious stuff, right?

So, how did the media address the protesters?

CBS News found time to glorify Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) even though, as Newsbusters points out, they somehow didn’t challenge him on the fact that he, himself, was erroneously placed on the terror watch list.

Joe Concha at Mediaite points out the double standard the media applied when covering this protest in the House versus a very similar protest staged by the GOP under very similar conditions when Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats ran the House.

Earlier today I pointed out how in all the fawning post-protest interviews, Democrats were allowed to say out of one side of their mouths that their protest was a huge success because it raised awareness to their cause and at the very same time, out of the other side of their mouths, they accused Paul Ryan of insulting them for calling the effort to raise awareness a “publicity stunt.”

Yes, when it comes to embarrassing lapdog media tactics, the Democrats’ sit-in protest offered way too many examples of how the mainstream media just can’t think in critically when it comes to challenging their favorite politicians when they’re spear-heading one of their favorite issues like so-called “gun control.”

But, there is one obvious and logical question that if posed, would put the Democrats on their heels in this debate. And I haven’t heard anyone pose it yet.

“Mr. Democrat Congressman, can you please tell me which other constitutional rights the government can suspend without the benefit of a day in court?”

I’ll even provide a few follow-ups:

“Will the suspected terrorists on the watch list be prohibited from freely attending their mosque or church so as to keep Americans safer?”

“Given the terror attacks in Orlando and the increased risk of mass shootings in America, shouldn’t everyone on the terrorist watch list be held in a jail cell so that the rest of us can be safe from their potential terrorist activities?”

“Could you give me the name of the person who was killed by someone who purchased a firearm while they were on the terrorist watch list?”

These questions can only be asked by a person who is critical of the proposed legislation and the lack of deep thinking behind it. They can only be asked by someone who actually values our freedom and liberties, even when protecting them might mean bad people can do bad things to innocent people. These questions can only be asked by someone who does not wholeheartedly agree with the anti-2nd amendment agenda of the Democrats staging the sit-in in the first place.

In other words, these questions will not be asked by anyone in the mainstream media.

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