Watch Joe Biden talk about naked women at Michelle Obama's White House Women's Summit

Michelle Obama hosted a “United State of Women” summit in Washington Tuesday and Vice President Joe Biden spent an awkward amount of time talking about naked women.

“I remember when we did the act, when we were debating it, I said if a woman in this audience got up, stripped down, stark naked, and walked over to the United States Capitol, she has a right to be arrested for indecent exposure, but no man, even in that circumstance, has a right to touch her. No man has a right to touch her! Period! Period! Period!

OK, so the issue Biden was trying to discuss was the Violence Against Women Act which he helped champion during his years in the Senate, but what a bizarre way to make whatever nonsensical point he was trying to make.

Is it possible that at some point in his time in the senate some colleague actually argued that a man does have the right to touch any naked woman he sees, even in the circumstance that Biden so vividly describes? I mean, some senate colleague other than the late Ted Kennedy, of course.

One final note: There is some speculation that this passage was presented on the Vice President’s Tele*prompter with a series of ellipses (…) at the end. Confused by the punctuation, Biden decided to articulate “period, period, period” since it was clearly displayed in front of him. This rumor has not yet been independently confirmed.


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