Gorka on Orlando: It's not a hate crime, it's a holy war

“An act of terror and an act of hate.”

It was the description used for the Orlando terror attacks by the President of the United States and by Hillary Clinton, presumptive presidential nominee for the Democratic Party. It was too specific and too uniform to be an accident. There was certainly coordination between the two.

Why would the two Democrats need to coordinate the description of the attacks? They’re both pretty vulnerable on this.

Obama was lambasted and damaged by his refusal to call the terror attacks in Benghazi in 2012 “terrorism.” Despite Candy Crowley’s insistence that he had, of course, he had not.

Clinton famously blamed the Benghazi terror attacks on a YouTube video, despite the fact that she told her own family and other world leaders that she knew it was terrorism.

But, by including “an act of hate” in their statements, it emphasizes the fact that gay individuals were specifically targeted in this massacre. But, does that emphasis diminish the very real and present danger to “all” Americans by suggesting that the evil perpetrated by this terrorist was limited to his hatred of just on group of Americans?

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Chair of Military theory at the United States Marine College and author of the new book, Defeating Jihad, the winnable war, appeared on my morning radio program on WMAL in Washington DC that I co-host with Brian Wilson this morning.

I asked him to address the targeting of homosexuals in this attack and the practice across the Islamic world of horrendous hate crimes against gays.

The thing that’s important to remember here is that it’s not a hate crime, let’s jettison that for a second because it’s really to be couched in the larger perspective that this is a holy war for the perpetrators so like the San Bernardino killers, these individuals see themselves in a holy war. They are doing what they do for the glory of God and to them Sharia, holding the puritanical 7th century Islam, is what they wish to create everywhere. That’s what the caliphate Islamic state represents. And one of the first things I posted on social media is a photograph of a famous Isis video where you can see them hurling individuals who are accused of being homosexuals off the roof of tall buildings on Isis territory. This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that they want to kill the infidels: that’s all of us. But to them homosexuality is one of the gravest sins, so this reflects the reality of what is happening on Islamic territory.

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