8 minutes of shame: Reporters covering Hillary embarrass profession with softball questions

Hillary Clinton stopped for an impromptu gaggle with reporters covering her campaign in California today. It was the first time the former Secretary of State graced reporters with her presence in over a month, according to the Weekly Standard.

In the weeks preceding this brief royal audience with HRH HRC, reporters embedded with her campaign have had to cool their heels without the ability to get an answer on major stories involving the former first lady.  You’d think journalists wanting to grill Clinton on issues ranging from the State Department IG report to a new book featuring a former Secret Service agent’s damning recollections of his time covering the Clintons in the White House would e sure to throw some tough questions at the woman who wants to be president.

You’d be wrong.

Allow me to break down each question the reporters asked in their precious eight minutes:

“You’re on the cusp of being the first female nominee of a major party. What does that mean to you and how are you reflecting on that?” 

“No matter what happens tomorrow, Bernie Sanders says the convention in Philadelphia will be contested. Do you think there is anything you can do to change that at this point?”

“Is it setting in that you might be making serious history tomorrow?”

“Some prominent Democrats have come out saying ‘we maybe need to reevaluate the super delegate system more broadly. irrespective of what happens in this primary, do you support looking into that and, perhaps, getting rid of that?”

“Do you think Sen. Sanders will concede as you did in 2008?”

“What role would you like the president to play in your campaign?”

“Last night when you took stage in Sacramento, there was a woman standing next to me who was absolutely sobbing. And she said, you know, ‘it’s time, it’s past time.’ And you see the women, you see people here. People just come up to you and, {gasp} they get tears in their eyes. Do you feel… do you feel the weight of what this means to people?”

“Do you expect the president’s endorsement some time this week?”

And that was the end of reporters’ access to Hillary Clinton today. Now they’ll have to wait another month to grill her again.

No questions about how Mrs. Clinton has been lying about her email practices being “permitted” while at the State Department. No questions about her former aide pleading the 5th amendment in a civil case about her email scam. No questions about Sen. Sanders’ accusation yesterday about the cozy relationship between the Clinton Foundation, the State Department and countries like Saudi Arabia. No questions about the upcoming book from a Secret Service agent saying she doesn’t have the “integrity and temperament to be the president. No questions about the dismal jobs report on Friday and her campaign’s plan to merely continue the status quo of the Obama Administration that’s causing the lack of jobs. No questions about the transcripts of her speech to Goldman Sachs and her refusal to release them despite the $675,000 she made for giving the remarks. No questions about the fact that she is struggling to eek out a narrow victory (and might end up losing outright) in California, the most important state for a Democrat looking to unite her fractured party.

Maybe Hillary’s right. These reporters don’t deserve her time if they don’t respect the profession enough to ask her anything tougher than, “Is it hard being such a trans-formative and historical figure?”



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