Eleven states sue Obama Administration over trans bathroom/locker room mandate

Eleven states filed a federal lawsuit in Texas today against the Obama Administration in a direct challenge to the Justice Department and Education Departments directives two weeks ago mandating transgender students access to the restrooms and locker rooms of their stated gender identity rather than their biological sex.

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) is leading the charge on this fight for states’ rights and the 10th amendment.  Indeed, when the mandate was handed down earlier this month, Abbott promised to sue the government and today, along with ten other states, he made good on his promise.

Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin, along with the Arizona Department of Education and Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) round out the list of plaintiffs in the suit filed against the Justice Department, the Education Department, the Labor Department and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Reuters reports on some specifics in the suit:

“Defendants have conspired to turn workplace and educational settings across the country into laboratories for a massive social experiment, flouting the democratic process, and running roughshod over commonsense policies protecting children and basic privacy rights,” the lawsuit stated.

Abbott and the state of Texas led the lawsuit of 26 states against the Obama Administration’s executive amnesty power grab which has, so far, been very successful at every level of the judicial process. It currently awaits a final ruling from the Supreme Court.


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