DiGenova on email investigation: 'The fix is in'

Bad news for people reading the tea leaves and trying to discern whether Hillary Clinton will be brought up on federal charges over her use of an unsecured, personal email server for official government business during her four-year tenure as Secretary of State.

Former US Attorney for the District of Columbia Joe diGenova unloaded on the Department of Justice in a radio interview yesterday proclaiming no charges will be brought against Clinton because “the fix is in.”

“There have been leaks from the Justice Department that willfulness has not been established and that there is scant evidence of any illegal conduct. That is coming from the national security section of the Justice Department and that is a sign that the fix is in on any criminal case against Hillary and her aids.”

diGenova appeared on WMAL in Washington DC with me and my co-host, Brian Wilson. Here’s the entire interview and it’s worth a full lesson because diGenova absolutely unloads on the DOJ:

My favorite part is when he goes after the Washington Post and other members of the media who have accepted the DOJ and the Clinton campaign’s spin as Gospel truth without any level of challenge or scrutiny. He used the Post’s article last week about how Clinton consigliere Cheryl Mills was allowed to walk out of an FBI interview when she didn’t like the questions that were being asked:

“Look at the press. Look at the way that story was written. That isn’t a story written by a free and independent press. That story in the Washington Post last week was a press release. That wasn’t a news story . Not one intense question asked from journalists about why something was happening. The thing that’s important about that story is what wasn’t in it.

It’s like an old 13th and U whore. I mean that’s what they are. The media. “

“This is not a real investigation,” diGenova said. “This is a Potemkin investigation.”


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