Shock Claim: Media will be 'unlikely' ally for Hillary

Talk about lack of self-awareness:

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Unlikely??? UNLIKELY!!???!  Are you kidding me?

The Hill’s headline is a text book example of denial or a blatant attempt to pretend the media hasn’t been in the tank for Hillary Clinton for decades. Which they have.


However, it is nice to see The Hill acknowledge that the media’s contempt for Donald Trump will animate an even-more bias in favor of the former Secretary of State:

The thought of a Trump presidency simply scares political journalists for a number of reasons, including his proposal to “open up” libel laws to make it easier to sue media companies.

Many pundits had to eat their words when they predicted Trump would implode and had no shot at winning the Republican nomination. Now that the celebrity businessman is the presumptive nominee, Trump critics in the media, including some on the right, don’t want him to win in November.

But, to suggest that the unholy marriage between Hillary Clinton (a liberal Democrat who is poised to be the first woman president) and the blatantly liberal, pro-Democrat media is in some way “unlikely” is not only a lie, it’s an effort to re-write history.

One only look at our colleague Matt Vespa’s breakdown of a recent study that shows not one journalist identifies as a Republican among the gaggle of White House correspondents.


And the lack of interest in the deadly decisions that led to the terror attacks in Benghazi as well as the blind acceptance of Clinton campaign talking points regarding the former her use of an unsecured, personal email server for all of her official, government correspondence can only be understood when viewed through the lens of media bias in favor of the former First Lady.

The Hill, and other members of the mainstream media, can continue to believe they’ve been tough on Hillary up to this point, but we all know better. And their affinity to the Democrat in this presidential race has nothing to do with their obvious animosity toward Trump.

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