Pope Francis viciously attacked on Twitter for professing faith in Christ

What kind of loathsome vermin goes out of their way to send profane, vulgar and sacrilegious messages in reaction to a simple profession of Christ’s love for us? Sadly, the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, found out the answer to this question the hard way.


This tweet from Pope Francis’ official Twitter account is a beautifully written profession of the most basic tenet of Christian faith:

The message was sent Tuesday morning around 7:00 AM Eastern Time and was “liked” by over 8,000 fellow Twitter users as of this writing.

However, the message was also met with some of the most vile and despicable reaction from the dark underbelly of social media. The UK Mirror has some of the censored (yet still vile) reactions:

Pope Francis was subjected to the vile abuse just seconds after writing on his Twitter page.

He wrote: “Jesus Christ, the incarnation of God’s mercy, out of love for us, died on the cross, and out of love he rose again from the dead.”

However, below the post trolls launched a sickening attack on The Pope.

One person wrote “Smells like b******t” while another posted a emoji of a penis with a graphic insult.

Another user added: “f*** me with a the cross and get the devil out of my p****.”

Some of the non-pornographic responses were still quite baffling. It provides a perfect example of how social media can bring out the worst traits in people. How some people can’t just see a statement that is clearly well-intentioned and reflect a person’s personal belief without trying to pick a fight with them… even if the person is the Pope!




It’s easy to see things like this and throw up ones hands in disgust and ask anyone in shouting distance, “What the hell is wrong with people?”  However, after observing Pope Francis for the past couple of years I’ve got to think that he would see this as an opportunity to pray for more people who are yet to be touched by the saving grace of Jesus. That’s what makes him the Pope and a great example to a sinner like me.

Because I want to bust some skulls.




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