CNN turns Empire State Building red to honor Trump victory, Twitter erupts

CNN had a great arrangement set up with the Empire State Building during their coverage of the New York primary Tuesday night. The majestic edifice would be lit in a pre-arranged color depending on who won the state’s electoral contest.

Deadline points out that host Jake Tapper explained how the light show would unfold, depending on the potential victor for the Democrats and Republicans:

Clinton: Dark blue. Sanders: Light blue. Trump: Deep red. Cruz: Coral pink. Kasich: Purple.

Coral pink for Cruz, really?  Nevertheless, it seemed like a simple plan as the iconic building would serve as the perfect TV backdrop for the network’s primary coverage. But, when the Empire State turned red to indicate Donald Trump’s victory, social media interpreted the image as a deep and foreboding omen signifying eminent evil in our future.

Mediaite has found some of the better reactions:

CNN also noticed the instant Twitter reaction of their light show and collected their own favorites:

Setting aside concerns over the rise of Sauron (or more terrifying, Gozer the Destroyer) at least one keen observer had a suggestion for a more apt color combo for the Trump victory:

Empire State Red Trump