'Transparent' film crew outraged over 'trans-friendly' bathrooms

“Transparent” is a much-celebrated comedy presented by Amazon Prime which centers around the always-brilliant Jeffrey Tambor as a man who identifies as a woman. The writing has been praised by LGBT groups as being sensitive, progressive and compassionate toward the “trans experience” in America.



The trans-friendly attitude instituted by the creative team and producers for “Transparent” has recently manifest itself in a unisex toilet policy and according to TMZ, the crew is not very happy about it:

The beef is that men, women and transgenders can all enter as they please, making it uncomfortable for some of the crew. Women are particularly worried about walking in and seeing a dude peeing at the urinal.

Now this is interesting … we’re told several crew members are too scared to complain, for fear they’ll be labeled “transphobic,” which would be the kiss of death on that set.

It’s interesting to ponder the clashing of progressive agendas that could ensue if the crew members take this issue up with their union.  If “Transparent” is operating under a basic IATSE union contract it’s incumbent on the producers to provide suitable restroom facilities for all members of the crew. They also have to maintain a non-threatening and non-hostile work environment for female members of the crew.

Most “non-hostile” work environment rules and standards were set forth after the Clarence Thomas hearings in the early 1990’s brought the topic of spoken and unspoken sexual harassment to the desks of every CEO wanting to avoid a costly and embarrassing sexual harassment lawsuit.


So, the way I see it, I already count four different constituencies of the progressive left all competing in this cramped unisex port-a-potty and the producers of “Transparent” are going to have to decide who wins.

  • You’ve got the LGBT community which demands everyone share bathroom facilities regardless of their plumbing
  • You’ve got big labor looking to enforce their CBA against the greedy and oppressive Amazon’s desire to create a hostile work environment
  • You’ve got feminists who will feel micro- (and in some cases macro-) aggressions by having to share a bathroom with a man and his evil phallus
  • You’ve got trial lawyers who are just itching to bring a hostile work environment lawsuit against deep-pocketed Amazon

Who wins?

According to Variety, the athlete formerly known as Bruce Jenner is set to appear on the next season of “Transparent” so let’s hope they have this awkward bathroom situation taken care of before then.



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David Strom 3:21 PM on December 01, 2023