Brutal: Axelrod Predicts Biden will “Lose by a Landslide”

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Obama adviser David Axelrod made a brutally honest observation on Sunday. Axelrod said it’s more likely Biden will “lose by a landslide” than eke out a victory.

Yikes. It is what many Republicans think but Democrats think they can run anyone and that person will defeat former President Trump, even President Biden. 


Democrats have a fever dream that they can switch out Biden and whoever is chosen for the top of the ticket, that person will win. 

Democrats don't understand that a majority of Americans are looking back at the Trump years and thinking they were pretty darn good for everyone. Compared to the national nightmare the Biden years have been with high inflation, the high cost of living, grocery prices, gas prices, rent increases, mortgage rates too high, and our national security concerns because of the open southern border, well, instead of looking forward, as voters normally do, they are looking backward.

Axelrod let it rip - look at the data, talk to people. Biden isn't going to win.

“He’s not winning this race,” said David Axelrod, who is credited as one of the key masterminds behind Obama’s two presidential victories, to CNN’s “Inside Politics.”

“If you just look at the data and talk to people around the country, political people around the country, it’s more likely that he’ll lose by a landslide than win narrowly this race,” Axelrod said of Biden, 81, who was Obama’s vice president.

Axelrod has been very critical of Biden in past statements since Biden announced his re-election bid. Now he is calling for Biden to step aside without actually saying those words

“If the stakes are as large as [Biden] says, and I believe they are, then he really needs to consider what the right thing to do here is,” Axelrod told CNN.


Do the right thing, Joe.

Axelrod ripped Biden's debate performance. He wrote an op-ed for CNN after the short interview with George Stephanopoulos in Madison, Wisconsin. He had three words for that performance - denial, delusion, and defiance.  

Yep. That is what everyone else heard, too. Biden didn't move the needle at all with that interview. He may have frustrated more voters. No one saw it and thought, yeah, Biden is up to a second term. I'm not even sure he's up to finishing out his term.

“[Biden] seemed to deny where he is in the race. He seems not to grasp what is the big concern that people have,” Axelrod reflected about Biden’s interview Friday.

Axelrod praised Biden for overcoming “tremendous loss and tremendous odds” throughout his life and mused that “his psyche is that he can beat anybody and any long odds.

I'm tired of the Joe Biden as victim nonsense. Everyone experiences loss in their life. Most people have to fight for what they want out of life. Joe Biden is not unique. His past losses and struggles do not entitle him to the presidency. 

Axelrod is right. Joe Biden is delusional. That is partly the dementia but he was like that in past years. When he was in the Senate, he always acted as though he thought he was the most intelligent person in the room. He lies that he finished at the top of his graduating class in law school. He finished at the bottom. 

Biden's ego won't let him leave the race. Jilly from Philly won't give up, either. She likes having a jet to fly back and forth to France, for example, as she did during the D-Day commemoration, and not miss Hunter's trial. She made several trips back and forth that week.


Biden's political career and the connections he has access to are the source of the Biden Crime Family's gravy train. Hunter wants him to stay in the race. Also, Biden has not pardoned his convicted felon son yet. His sentencing date has been set. Biden has to stay around to keep Hunter out of jail. 

I doubt Axelrod would be speaking out so aggressively against Biden if he didn't have the blessing of Obama. He is saying all the things Obama can't. It's a good cop/ bad cop routine. Publicly Obama tweets that the debate was just a bad night for Biden. Then Axelrod comes out and lowers the boom. 

The Democrats have perpetuated a sham presidency for almost four years. There is no coming back from this for Joe Biden. He has to go, if not now than in January when Trump is inaugurated.

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