Say Her Name, Joe: Trump Calls Rachel Morin's Mother

Justin Lane/Pool Photo via AP

An illegal alien from El Salvador who was charged in connection with Rachel Morin's rape and murder was extradited to Maryland from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was on the run for killing Morin in August 2023. 


He was apprehended in a sports bar in Oklahoma on Friday. The 23-year-old waived his extradition hearing on Monday.  

Victor Martinez-Hernandez raped and murdered Rachel as she was out on a jog along the Ma and Pa Trail. She was snatched off the path and dragged into the woods. Her body was found in a culvert. He was held without bail over the weekend as a fugitive from justice. He is charged with first-degree rape and murder.

The 37-year-old was the mother of five. 

As he was being escorted back to Maryland, former President Trump called Rachel's mother, Patty, and her family to offer his condolences. She said she was “deeply touched” by his “honest compassion.”

“I am deeply touched by President Trump’s kindness and concern,” Patty said in a statement about the call.

“He was genuine and truly wanted to know how our family was coping,” she added. “He asked about Rachel and showed honest compassion for her untimely death.

“His words brought comfort to me during this very difficult time.”

There hasn't been such compassion from the Biden administration. DHS Secretary Mayorkas referred to Rachel as an “individual” killed by a suspected gang member. He didn't even say her name. It was cold and insulting to her family. 

As of the time of Trump's phone call, the family had not heard anything from anyone in the Biden administration.

Martinez-Hernandez is one of those bad hombres Trump warned about coming across the southern border in 2015. He ran on the issue of illegal immigration that year. The open borders crowd took to their fainting couches because they could not handle the truth. 


Martinez-Hernandez is an undocumented immigrant who illegally crossed the border four times last year and had been wanted for assaulting a mom and young girl during a home break-in in Los Angeles.

Randolph Rice, the Morin family’s attorney, said Rachel’s death should serve as a wake up call to lawmakers to crack down on the border.

“The need to take immediate action at the border and shutting down the unrelenting flow of illegal immigrants is common sense policy because it protects Americans from future crimes,” Rice said in a statement.

“If we can prevent even one murder by an illegal immigrant, then it is well worth it,” he added.

He wasn't a migrant coming across the border for the American Dream. He was escaping from El Salvador where he committed another homicide. 

Joe Biden slams Trump for calling these illegal aliens 'animals.' What should they be called? Biden thinks the open southern border is humane. It is not at all. The open border is a national security threat and a threat to innocent women, children, and men in America because of the criminal element that comes in and stays. 

This has to stop. We need a new president who will secure the border and stop the invasion of illegal border crossers. Nothing will change until we get the change we need. 

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