Biden Supporting PAC Offers Beer, Birth Control, and Manicures to Attract Young Voters

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Are free beer, birth control, and manicures enough to win back young voters for the Biden campaign? One super PAC is trying that out. 

A new political action committee (PAC) has been created to help President Biden win back young voters. The super PAC is made up of Biden administration alumni and Hollywood people. 

Young voters were an important group of voters who supported Biden in 2020. The Biden campaign brought in young social media influencers and popular entertainers to encourage young people to register to vote. The oldest man to run for president courted the youngest voters and it worked.

That was then and this is now. Joe Biden is hemorrhaging support from all voter demographics, including young voters. Won’t PAC Down (clever) was formed to target young voters. The group has been meeting for about six months in a rented conference room in downtown Los Angeles. The PAC told Politico it plans to raise and spend $20-25 million. They have turned to Hollywood for help in their efforts. 

Millennial and Gen Z writers, directors, and producers have been hired to create pro-Biden content specifically made to sell an even older Biden in 2024 to voters under 30. 

Those movie industry creatives, with credits from “Saturday Night Live” to “Parks and Recreation” to “Big Mouth,” have been meeting monthly for the last half year in a rented, loft-style conference room in a downtown Los Angeles office building. There, they have pitched everything from 30- and 90-second influencer-style ads that could run on Instagram Reels to highly produced, scripted ads. The group’s first actual ads — which will only appear on social media and streaming platforms — are expected to drop in early July.

So far, the Hollywood people involved in working with the super PAC have not been identified. Ads are being created for and by younger people, specifically an online audience. They hope to reach nonpolitical young people under 30. To do that, they are avoiding using celebrity videos

“There’s a big difference between putting a celebrity on camera and having them say, ‘if you liked me in “Madame Web,” then you’re going to love voting,’ versus what we’re doing,” said Travis Helwig, a former head writer for Crooked Media who is now leading the super PAC’s writers’ room. “We’re taking the best young writers and directors, who are the age and demographics of the people we’re targeting, using poll-tested messaging, and shaping it in a way that will resonate with young people and get them excited.”

Do celebrity endorsements move the needle with voters? Not really. They can make a splash for a news cycle because the Democrat-aligned media will gobble it up and run with it but ordinary voters don't pay much attention to it. It can spectacularly backfire, too, like Robert De Niro's clown show in Manhattan during the Trump hush money trial. 

The PAC has some experienced campaign veterans on board. 

John Della Volpe, a pollster who specializes in the youth vote and worked on Biden’s 2020 campaign polling team, is providing the research for Won’t PAC Down. And Doug Rubin, a longtime Democratic strategist who was a senior operative on Deval Patrick’s two gubernatorial campaigns, is also involved in the effort.

The Biden campaign can't legally coordinate with PACs but it released a statement to Politico because, of course, it did. It's not a coincidence that Politico ran this story. The outlet often looks like it is a wing of the DNC. “Groups like Won’t PAC Down, which understands the power of the youth vote, will play a key role in mobilizing and activating young people across the country,” Biden’s campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said in a statement shared with POLITICO.

Della Volpe has briefed White House officials and is a senior adviser to the super PAC. Team Biden knows it is in trouble with young voters (and everyone else). In 2020, Biden won voters under 30 by 25 points over Trump. Recent polls show Trump ahead of Biden by 2 points in the 18 to 24-year-old category. 

Why is Trump ahead? There are several factors. Voters under 30 are trying to get their adult lives going as they finish school and enter the job market. They are trying to buy their first homes or find a nice place to rent. The cost of living under the Biden administration has dramatically risen compared to life during the previous administration. There is also the problem with the Israel-Hamas war. Many young people are useful idiots for Hamas and are frustrated with Biden over his handling of the war. 

In his time in the White House, Biden has some of the lowest job approval ratings ever of any Democrat president from young voters under 30. The question is whether they move more to Trump or if they just stay home and sit this one out. Will the couch win in November?

Even after the trillions of dollars spent on student loan forgiveness, Biden isn't popular with them. That disgusting political pander is backfiring. A majority of Americans don't approve of that move. Biden ignored a Supreme Court ruling and brags about doing a runaround the Court to put American taxpayers on the hook for an unconstitutional executive action. 

Biden isn't getting the support he needs from young voters because he is too old. Simplistic, but true. They aren't blind - they see a demented, feeble old man and they don't relate to him. The consensus is that the Biden administration hasn't done anything for them. 

So the super PAC is holding events to support Biden. They offer free beer, birth control, and manicures. Drawing for a free month's rent is featured. Is that enough enticement to win over young people? Maybe the college-aged voters but the ones who are pushing 30 and a bit more mature? It looks pretty cheesy. 

Trump is pulling ahead of Biden in most demographic groups because Trump speaks to the voters. He talks about issues they are concerned about. This cycle the issues of importance to all voters are the economy, inflation, border security, and illegal immigration. Trump talks about new ideas - eliminating taxes on tips in the service industry, for example - while Biden prattles on about saving democracy and abortion. 

The two leading candidates are almost the same age but there is a stark contrast between them. Biden is an old 81 and Trump is a younger 77. It's obvious to everyone. Biden's health is failing before our eyes and there is no stopping that. There is no cure for dementia and the clock doesn't stop for anyone. 

Voters are concluding that we can't take another four years of the Biden administration. Life was better during the Trump years, before the pandemic. That is a problem for Biden - Trump has a record, he has already done the job. He didn't destroy democracy before and it won't happen if he is re-elected. January 6, 2021, proved America's constitutional republic is strong. 


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