Biden Works to Provide Legal Status to Hundreds of Thousands of Illegal Aliens

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President Biden wants to give mass amnesty to illegal aliens in the United States. Is this a surprise to anyone? 

When he came into office, one of the many executive orders Biden signed was to freeze deportations by ICE. On day one, Biden made it clear that he wants an open southern border and he does not want to prosecute those who illegally enter the country.


Biden signed an executive action on border security as he was on his way out of town to go to France last week. Nothing has changed with border security. The move was for election-year optics. Biden is losing badly to former President Trump on border security and illegal immigration. It was immediately clear that the signing was just for show, there are no true reforms to how illegal aliens are allowed to cross the border and remain in the United States despite Biden's claim that they will be immediately removed. DHS instructed Border Patrol agents in the San Diego sector to release illegal aliens that same day. 

The question by our betters in the media is what might Biden's next move be on border security and illegal immigration. It looks like Team Biden is making a run at mass amnesty. Internal discussions are going on with the administration weighing temporarily unlocking legal status and a potential pathway to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens living in the United States. 

The plan under consideration by the White House would give work permits and deportation protections to certain unauthorized immigrants through the immigration parole authority, as long as they have spouses who are American citizens, the sources said. The policy, known as "parole in place," could also make beneficiaries eligible for permanent U.S. residency and eventually even citizenship, by helping them clear hurdles in U.S. law.

The plan, the sources said, would likely benefit longtime undocumented immigrants who have been living in the U.S. for years, if not decades — not recent arrivals.


Biden has already begun his mass amnesty fever dream, it's just being done very quietly. Just a few days ago we learned that since 2022, DHS has dismissed more than 350,000 asylum cases without decisions being determined in those cases. That means the illegal aliens are free as birds. It's amnesty. 

Joe Biden campaigned on having the most transparent administration ever. What a joke. His is one of the least transparent. This amnesty power grab is a good example of the actions the administration takes with impunity. 

The twist in the new action that Biden may take is that the illegal aliens under consideration would be married to American citizens. Progressives admit that this is a political move to help Biden's re-election campaign.

But the parole in place plan could benefit a significant number of the country's undocumented population. There are an estimated 11 million unauthorized immigrants living in the U.S., according to estimates by the federal government and research groups. The advocacy group Fwd.US estimates that 1.1 million of them have U.S. citizen spouses.

Progressive lawmakers and advocates also argue that the proposal would also help Mr. Biden politically, energizing some voters, including Latinos, ahead of the election in November. Polling over the years has shown that Latino voters broadly support border security measures and programs to legalize unauthorized immigrants who have lived in the U.S. for years.

Think of that - 1.1 million illegal aliens are given a free pass to citizenship in one move by Joe Biden. That's a noticeable escalation from the 350,000 asylum cases dismissed over a time span from 2022 to now. 


If Biden pulls such a stunt before the election in November, look for legal challenges from border security hawks. The issue would likely have to be settled by the Supreme Court. I don't know what the Supreme Court ruling against such an action would do, though, since Biden ignores Supreme Court rulings, as he has done with student loan forgiveness. A desperate demented man is doing desperate demented things. 

Joe Biden will be a lame-duck president if he is re-elected. Who knows what bad decisions he is capable of making before he leaves office? Few people think Biden will finish out a second term. He is too ill, feeble, and frail. That means we'll have President Kamala. She'll be even worse because she still has mental acuity. I don't agree with what she says or cackles about but I don't doubt that she knows what she is saying. 

The only answer is a new president. Trump promises to begin working on securing the southern border on day one. He did it before, he can do it again.

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David Strom 12:40 PM | July 23, 2024