Leguizamo: White People are Overrepresented, Emmy Voters Must Choose non-White Winners

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Progressive actor John Leguizamo wants you to know that he is still woke. "I'm still woke! Are you?"

He addressed that question in a full-page ad in Sunday's edition of The New York Times. Leguizamo wants Emmy Award voters to vote for non-white choices this year. 


I'm not a math expert but I'm pretty sure that 58.9% is still a majority. For example, the black population in America is only 14% but you wouldn't know that to listen to the progressive perpetual victim class. In the 2021 census, Hispanics made up 19% of the total U.S. population. 

It makes sense that more white people would win awards, given the American population. I find it ironic for Leguizamo to play the victim. He is a successful actor and regularly works. At 63 years of age, he has appeared in over 100 films, won a Primetime Emmy Award, and he has received four Tony Award nominations. 

His family emigrated to the United States from Colombia when he was a young child. He has been working in the entertainment industry since 1984. He is living the American Dream

"I know everyone is exhausted about inclusion but not us who are not included. So that's why I took this ad out in the  NY Times." 

"America is better when it is inclusive. It is more profitable. It is more creative! Let's not give up. I'm still woke! Are you?" he wrote.


The point is that he has been included. How much more inclusion does he think he should have? The entertainment industry is like other big businesses - people work hard to achieve success. 

Interestingly, he concentrates on skin color and ethnicity. What about women? He sounds like a whiny race-baiter. Sorry, not sorry. Did he take out the full-page ad because he could afford to do so and wanted to stir the pot before the awards ceremony? He tagged numerous people in the public eye in his tweet. 

It's all about making white people bad or wrong or evil. It's sick. There has been enormous progress in the United States during my lifetime. 

Leguizamo isn't just talking about the entertainment industry. According to his tweet, he is also complaining about tech, banking, corporations, and medicine. 

Affirmative action began decades ago. It morphed into today's DEI movement. Advancement without merit, based only on checking a box for diversity promotes failure. Just look at the Biden administration. It's been an utter failure. 

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