Gandalf Bizarrely Slams Donald Trump's Oratory Skills

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English actor Ian McKellen is out with a random and bizarre criticism of former President Donald Trump. Sir Ian described the leading American candidate for president as “an absolute bewilderment.”


In an interview with The Times of London McKellen said, 'Trump is an absolute bewilderment. I haven't seen him live. But he's one of the worst public speakers there has ever been. Whether he’s reading a script or not, it’s so patent what he is.”

McKellen is 85 years old now and still working. He is known to Lord of the Rings fans for his role as Gandalf.  He is currently playing Falstaff on stage in the UK. He was commenting on the fact that great powers of oratory may be a thing of the past.

“I remember leaving my school [in Bolton] in the sixth form and cycling down to the town square to see [1950s Welsh Labour Party politician] Aneurin Bevan on the hustings without a microphone. There aren’t any great orators like that around, are there?” and he added that politicians “don’t spend enough time looking at themselves and saying, ‘Well, I didn’t believe that person.’”

It's unclear why McKellen dragged Donald Trump into the conversation. Could it be that he did so because when he finishes his work he goes home and turns on CNN? That is how he said he winds down. He's a run-of-the-mill liberal entertainer so his choice of CNN isn't unusual. He can catch up on international news, I suppose. Is he worried about Trump being the lead candidate for president, overcoming President Biden in most polls? 

It seems like such a weird flex, though. There are a number of things that anyone can find to criticize Donald Trump about if they are so inclined. However, I am not familiar with criticism of his speaking skills. 


Has Sir Ian heard Joe Biden speak? Compare Biden's oratory skills with those of Trump and it is the difference between night and day. C'mon, man. Dementia Joe can't get through a speech without flubs, losing his place on the teleprompter, mumbling, and speaking too softly for the audience to understand what he is saying. All of this is well documented.

Joe Biden is the worst presidential speaker in my lifetime. If they are being honest (they aren't) Democrats admit he is unable to deliver a speech. Maybe McKellen has succumbed to CNN propaganda against Donald Trump that the network dishes out 24/7 in their Trump derangement way of reporting. CNN's low ratings indicate that viewers no longer consider it a real news network. 

Donald Trump frequently goes off the teleprompter but when he does, he gets his message across to his audience. When Joe Biden goes off the teleprompter and tries to ad-lib remarks or a story, what happens is a mess that has to be cleaned up by his staff afterward. 

The Wall Street Journal ran a piece that was a bipartisan assessment of Joe Biden behind closed doors. He is slipping in his mental acuity. Speaking with 45 lawmakers and public officials from both parties, the consensus was that Joe Biden isn't really up to being president, the leader of the free world. We knew that. This wasn't breaking news. What made the story such a big splash was that Democrats were in the mix. Most spoke anonymously, of course, but still - they were on the record talking about Biden's ability to do the job.


The first word used to describe Joe Biden by voters is 'old.' There is nothing Biden can do about that. He will continue getting older. Biden is not a young 81 and the dementia makes his situation worse. There is no cure for that.

Democrats have begun pointing to the fact that Donald Trump is 77 years old. He's old, too. That's true but Trump is a young 77. No one is describing Trump as old at the top of a list when asked to describe him. 

Look at how Trump and Biden are campaigning. Biden campaigns by making short trips and doing small events with friendly audiences. He is campaigning from his basement as he did in 2020. His campaign speeches are a mess. He does not inspire voters. 

Trump goes everywhere and is implementing a 50-state strategy. He is doing this despite being tied up with legal challenges. During the hush money trial in Manhattan, Trump would sit all day in court and then make a stop to reach out to voters on his way home. He does campaign events around the country when he isn't in court. Democrats thought they would keep him off the campaign trail. Trump has been sidelined but he's still campaigning. 

The slam on Trump's oratory skills was a weird one. No one but the most Trump-deranged will fall for that criticism. You know, the CNN audience. 

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