Did Jill Biden Fly Back to Paris for a State Dinner to Wear THAT Dress?

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The embarrassment continued as President Biden and Jilly from Philly attended a state dinner in their honor on Saturday night in Paris. French President Macron and his wife, Brigitte hosted the event because they were reciprocating - Joe and Jill hosted them at a state dinner in Washington, D.C.


The dinner was at the Élysée Palace. As Jill Biden stepped out of her vehicle, my jaw dropped and not in a good way

Dr. Biden emerged from the motorcade wearing a velvet navy blue bateau-neck gown by Schiaparelli. Accessorized with navy pumps and drop earrings, the dress features a thick white sash that billows into a long, cascading train. Schiaparelli was a fitting choice for both the occasion and this moment in time.

Founded in Paris by Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli in 1927—and known for boundary-pushing surrealist designs—Schiaparelli grew to become one the most prominent haute couture houses of the era, helping to set the bar for French luxury fashion. Shuttered for decades following bankruptcy in 1954, the house was revived in 2014. In 2019, Texas-born American designer Daniel Roseberry took the helm as artistic director.

Given France's designation as America's oldest ally, Dr. Biden's gown—born from a legendary French house and designed by an American—is a clear nod to the diplomatic relationship between the two countries. And it's not the first time Dr. Biden has worn Schiaparelli in the city of light. Last July, when the the United States rejoined the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Dr. Biden chose a custom suit by the house while meeting with First Lady Macron.


Mrs. Macron, like Melania Trump, is always impeccably dressed. Jilly from Philly? Not so much. Wearing a dress created in a French design house was a good move and that is a common nod to a host country used by first ladies. Melania was good at using fashion diplomacy. Scranton Joe's wife likes her designer wear. Her dress on Saturday night, though, was not a good choice.

I'm sure she thought she would rival Mrs. Macron but she came off looking ridiculously out of place. It was bad enough she was wearing a tight velvet gown in June but she added a wide white train to the back of the dress. What was that? She ended up having to maneuver the steps to the Palace and guide Dementia Joe at the same time.


Biden was coherent enough to acknowledge France as America's oldest friend before the state dinner. 

“France was our first friend and remains one of our best friends,” Biden said at a joint appearance with Macron at the Élysée Palace, the official residence of the French leader.

Biden was awkward during the toasts before dinner. The words were ok but his motions were not smooth, including when he set his glass down while Macron was still clinking glasses. 


Biden said his time in France “has been the most remarkable trip I’ve ever made.”

“France and the United States have always been there for one another,” he said, adding that the two countries stand together “to defend the very values that are the soul of our two nations.”

He then asked everyone to raise a glass and concluded: “May we continue to seek democracy … and may we always stay together.”

The relationship between the Biden administration and Macron has been prickly from the jump. They put on a good show, though. 

As usual, Biden told what sounded like a whopper as he delivered his remarks at the dinner. You can almost see Macron rolling his eyes as Biden declares himself a "son of the American Revolution." He gave his middle name, Robinette, a French twist as he told the story. He said a couple of times that it was family legend and he didn't have proof but he persisted. He said Robinette came to America as Lafayette did and never left. Or something.

I don't know. I usually take Biden's family tales with a very large grain of salt. Remember the recent tale about his uncle and cannibals? Biden's family legend reminded me of how Elizabeth Warren told her story of Native American ancestry as she threw her mother under the bus over a high cheekbones remark. 


Anyway, Joe is set to spend a couple of days at his mansion on the beach in Delaware before returning to the White House. I assume Jill will be front and center at Hunter's trial on Monday morning. 

One last thing - I don't want to hear any more from mumbling Joe about climate change. Jill went back and forth between Delaware and France several times last week in order to not miss out on the events in Paris and Normandy. What about carbon footprints, Jilly? I guess that nagging is meant for the little people, not her.

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