RFK, Jr. Super PAC President to Publish Tell-All by Hunter Biden's Baby Mama

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The president of a super PAC that supports Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for president is publishing a memoir by Lunden Roberts. 

Ms. Roberts is the mother of Hunter Biden's daughter, Navy Joan. Luden Roberts is an ex-stripper who lives in Arkansas with Navy Joan. Hunter Biden pays child support to the little girl but the Biden family ignores Lunden and Navy Joan. 


Joe Biden and Jill acknowledged the existence of Hunter's daughter in July of last year when the child was four years old. Hunter Biden settled with Lunden on child support payments in a legal battle after Hunter wanted to reduce those payments drastically, claiming he could not continue his original child support payments. 

The publicity from the child support lawsuit in Arkansas essentially forced Joe and Jill to acknowledge their granddaughter. There is no indication that they have met her.

The memoir is a tell-all of Lunden's relationship with Hunter. "Out of the Shadows: My Life Inside the Wild World of Hunter Biden" is due in late August. 

Skyhorse Publishing released excerpts from the book. Tony Lyons is president of Skyhorse Publishing. He is the co-founder of the biggest pro-Kennedy super PAC, American Values 2024.

One excerpt is about the time Lunden met Hunter. 

"He was sitting there wearing nothing but parrot boxer briefs, organizing his pipes on his Rosemont Seneca desk," an excerpt from the book reads. "I was sitting in Barack Obama's actual chair from the Senate floor. I took another look at Hunter — this kind, intense, and startlingly transparent man — and thought, 'This is definitely a guy I want to get to know better.'"

The book gives details about Lunden's life that brought her from Arkansas to Washington, D.C. 

"What followed from that first meeting was a wild journey that would come to define Lunden's young life in ways she never could have anticipated," the description reads. "[Out of the Shadows] chronicles that rollercoaster ride of a relationship, touching on the drug cook working in Rosemont Seneca's kitchen, strip clubs where Hunter might try the pole himself, protecting him from would-be terrorists in New York City, the night she grabbed two guns and was certain she would have to fatally shoot a crazed MMA fighter, and dozens of other stories that make the laptop debacle seem routine."


Navy Joan was conceived while Hunter was dating Hallie Biden, the widow of Beau Biden. Navy Joan was born in August 2018. 

In Hunter's memoir published in 2021, he wrote that he had no recollection of his encounter with Lunden. Hunter contested Lunden's request for child support until 2020. Lunden filed a paternity lawsuit. After a DNA test confirmed Navy Joan as his daughter, Hunter agreed to pay child support. 

The release date of the memoir is meant to muck up Joe Biden's re-election campaign. American Values 2024 (AV24) has raised $49.6M and spent $29.2M, according to data from OpenSecrets. Skyhorse Publishing has contributed $154,920 to AV24 during the same period.

In a press release, Lyons said, "revelations that could well impact the outcome of the 2024 election."

Skyhorse Publishing has a history of publishing books by RFK, Jr., Alex Jones, Senator Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump. 

In a statement to CNBC, Lyons said he and Skyhorse Publishing "take the strongest possible stance against all forms of censorship," and he noted that the imprint has published a book by the daughter of former Democratic House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Calif., and a book on Iraq War burn pits that featured a blurb by Joe Biden.

The book is reported to put the Biden family in a bad light. Is it possible that the book will affect the election in November? I don't think so. I understand the timing is important and will bring the most attention for sales but I doubt the book about Hunter and Lunden's relationship will change any minds. People already know about the relationship and the Biden family's non-relationship with Navy Joan. The stories about Hunter's drug-fueled lifestyle are well-documented. 


The content found in the book may serve as an October surprise for the Biden campaign but with the publicity already starting now, it seems unlikely. Do readers outside of the Washington, D.C. bubble care? Voters already know how Lunden and Navy Joan have been treated by Joe and Jill. 

Joe Biden is the least popular president in 75 years. I don't think that a little more details on his son's life will make much of a difference one way or another. 

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