Jill Biden to The View: Trump vs Biden is Battle Against Evil and Chaos

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Jill Biden was a guest on ABC's The View this morning. She compared the presidential election to a choice of good versus evil.

No points for originality, Jill. That is the same old comparison that is heard every presidential cycle. Democrats paint Republicans as evil. Or Nazis. Or dictators. We know the drill. Republicans are going to push Grandma off a cliff in her wheelchair. 


Democrats are panicked. That is something everyone is talking about, even media outlets who work hand in hand with the Biden administration. Jill Biden is her husband's biggest cheerleader. She seems to have no problem going on a television show and telling whoppers to help her husband.

Jill was there to plug her new children's book  - Willow the White House Cat - but first was asked about her husband's re-election campaign. 

The hosts approved of De Niro's appearance at that cringey press conference in front of the Manhattan courthouse where the Trump hush money trial is happening. Of course, they did. The token anti-Trump Republican who used to work in the Trump administration, Alyssa Farah Griffin, suggested that De Niro might be of better use out in California to court that state's voters.

The subject of polls came up because Trump is ahead of Biden in so many of them. That includes young voters, voters under 30 who voted for Biden. Biden won young voters by 23% against Trump in 2020. This time around, Trump has an edge with them. 

Jilly from Philly has no worries. The polls will turn and favor Biden in no time. 

"How do you turn those numbers around, five months out?" Sara Haines asked the First Lady. "And are you fearful what a second Trump term could look like?"

"Or a third [term], as Donald Trump says," Dr. Biden interjected.

"Those polls are going to turn, I'm confident of it," Dr. Biden answered, "because as time goes on as and as people start to focus more on what's at stake, and get educated on the issues and the differences between the two men, I believe that Americans are going to choose good over evil."


Here's the thing - Americans are already "educated on issues and the differences between the two men." That is the unique feature of this presidential election. Both leading candidates have been president. The general public already knows Trump and his record in office. There is nostalgia for the Trump years because of how tough times are in Biden's America. 

Co-host Sunny Hostin, someone who openly pressured Charlamagne Tha God to endorse Biden when he was a guest a few days ago, asked Jill about campaign messaging. Sunny thinks the country is a better place now but people don't realize that. She thinks Biden needs to tout his successes. That's a problem, though, since Biden doesn't have successes to run on. Lots of federal spending and waste but not so much when it comes to legislation. 

"The country, in my view - and in a lot of views - is in a better place on so many fronts," Hostin posited. "Inflation has slowed, unemployment is down, the stock market is soaring, we finally have movement with infrastructure, climate issues…. But some voters are still worried about where America is heading. What message does the president have to give to make people get it, that we are in a better place now?"

"We are in a better place now," Dr. Biden agreed, "and what you're saying is true - we have to get out that message.

"Every vote counts, this election is important, and so we are going everywhere" to rally voters across the country, FLOTUS continued. "We're not taking anything for granted, because Joe has done amazing things for this country and we have to get the message out."


See what happened there? Jill can't list accomplishments. She only agreed with Sunny that things are better. Joe is doing amazing things, she said. I think her definition of amazing is different than mine. 

Biden's America is rapidly devolving into a banana republic. The things Democrats accuse Trump of doing are things that Democrats are doing, not Republicans. How is deploying lawfare against Biden's rival anything but evil? How is that the return to normal Joe Biden promised in 2020? 

People may not like the things Trump says but there is no denying that his policies were successful. The economy was booming, all income levels enjoyed tax cuts, inflation was almost non-existent, unemployment was low, entrepreneurs thrived, and there were no new wars. Trump demanded that NATO countries pay their dues and they did. Compare those days to today. That is what voters are doing. The verdict is in - they prefer Trump over Biden. 

The polls may change. Something may happen to cause a major shift. Biden may win re-election. Anything is possible in politics. We are about six months out from the November election. As things are now, though, Jill Biden's desperate grab at remaining in the White House is failing. 


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