White House Blocks Release of Audio of Special Counsel's Report

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Two House committee panels are considering holding Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress. The White House wants to keep the audio of Biden's interviews with former special counsel Robert Hur in October 2023 away from the two committees. 


The House Judiciary and Oversight committees are scheduled to mark up a contempt resolution over the DOJ's refusal to hand over the audio. The special counsel investigated Biden's handling of classified documents. 

Today the Justice Department announced that Biden is asserting executive privilege over the recordings. The dispute between the White House and House Republicans continues. 

Former special counsel Hur's investigation into Biden's handling of classified documents lasted for a year. Hur released his report on the investigation in February. Hur ultimately decided to not put Biden through a prosecution because he didn't think the 81-year-old could handle a trial. Hur thought that a jury would not be able to fairly deliberate Biden's actions because of his obvious lack of mental acuity. In other words, the president's dementia is at a stage that prohibits being fairly held accountable for unlawful actions. 

That reasoning still haunts me. Think about it - Biden isn't up to sitting in a courtroom and being held accountable for mishandling classified documents but he's the leader of the free world. Good Lord. 

The House committees subpoenaed the Justice Department for the audio recording and other materials from the investigation.  


The White House and other Democrats like to say that Hur found Biden innocent of mishandling the classified documents but that is a lie. Hur found no such thing. He only said that Biden couldn't handle a trial. Hur said that his findings did not exonerate Biden from wrongdoing. 

Biden was not allowed to take those classified documents. Only the president is allowed to take possession of classified documents within guidelines. Biden took classified documents during his days in the Senate and as vice president. His decision to take the documents was deliberate. He is said to have used them to write books. He was cashing in on classified documents. The Biden crime family leaves no stone unturned.

The DOJ revealed today that Biden asserted executive privilege over the audio record.

In a letter to the committee chairmen obtained by CBS News, a top Justice Department official revealed that Mr. Biden asserted executive privilege over the recordings of Hur's interviews with the president and the ghostwriter of his book. That assertion came at the recommendation of the Justice Department, which urged the committees to "avoid unnecessary and warranted conflict" in voting to advance the contempt resolution today. 

"While our cooperation with Congress has been extraordinary, we also have a responsibility to safeguard the confidentiality of law enforcement files where disclosure would jeopardize future investigations," Assistant Attorney General Carlos Uriarte wrote Thursday. "The Attorney General must draw a line that safeguards the Department from improper political influence and protects our principles, our law enforcement work, and the people who carry out that work independently." 


Democrats always accuse Republicans of things they (Democrats) would do. In this case, the DOJ claims Republicans in Congress only wanted the recordings “to chop them up” and use them for political purposes. No one has politicized the DOJ more than Joe Biden, as well as every other department in government. Accusing Republicans of acting out of political reasons is rich.

White House counsel Ed Siskel wrote a "scathing" letter to House Republicans. “The absence of a legitimate need for the audio recordings lays bare your likely goal — to chop them up, distort them, and use them for partisan political purposes."

He continued the attack - “Demanding such sensitive and constitutionally protected law enforcement materials from the Executive Branch because you want to manipulate them for potential political gain is inappropriate."

The congressional committees are tasked with oversight. The Republicans are doing their jobs. The Biden crime family has provided plenty of opportunities for investigation. Yet, Biden and his corrupt family have escaped unscathed. 

Trump is involved in legal challenges in Manhattan, Washington, D.C., Miami, and Georgia but Biden escapes without so much as a slap on the wrist. He's just an old man with dementia. This is Biden's America. 

The White House doesn't want the audio out for the public to hear. It is reported that Biden sounds old and feeble, as well as confused. He claimed executive privilege to avoid some questions. The Hur report was devastating to Biden. Yet, here he is running for re-election and the DOJ is covering for him.

We'll see if the contempt resolution comes to a vote in the House. 


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