Kamala's Charm Offensive Is an Epic Failure - Again

AP Photo/Stephanie Scarbrough

How many times will the White House send Kamala Harris out to jumpstart some support for her? Kamala Harris 2.0 has been tried so many times that I've lost count. 

The effort never works because Kamala never changes. No one likes her. Her favorable poll numbers are worse than President Biden's. Yet, they persist. 

You may have noticed that Kamala is more visible right now. Or you may not have noticed because she is interviewing on talk shows targeting female viewers, for example. She is pandering to specific demographics because the Biden re-election campaign is panicking. 

Women. Suburban women. Wine moms. Independents. Kamala was a guest on actress Drew Barrymore's talk show. She was trying to appeal to them. Barrymore sits really close to her guests and it's cringey. In this case, she not only looked like she wanted to sit in Kamala's lap, but she also begged the vice president to be the country's 'Momala', a term her (Kamala) step-children use with her. Kamala uses the term in her social media bio. Barrymore looked to be on the verge of tears. The whole thing was very uncomfortable.

It turns out that some black women didn't particularly appreciate Barrymore asking Kamala to save the country, to be a mammy to Americans. I don't think Barrymore was racist in her inane chatter but in today's highly charged political atmosphere, everything is seen through a racial lens. 

Black women are not going to save America, wrote one black woman.

The “strong Black woman” trope is over and done. It’s tired. Let it go, and let us be us without you leaning on us to be modern-day mammies from whose teats you will suck until you bleed us dry, and then dispose of us when you have no more “use” for us. 

Black women are not going to save you.

So, there's that. 

Kamala was a guest on Sherri Shepherd's talk show. They talked about candles, family, and hanging out with girlfriends. There were pictures of Kamala in her younger days, too. Sherri invited Kamala on her upcoming girls' trip to the Bahamas. You can't make this stuff up.

The most offensive incident happened Monday as Kamala spoke at the annual Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies Legislative Leadership summit. This time the pandering went to young voters and Asian Americans. Generally speaking, both groups are primarily Democrat voters. Neither demographic is excited to support the Biden-Harris ticket this time. 

Kamala, who is of Indian heritage from her mother's side of the family, dropped an F-bomb as she was encouraging the audience to break down barriers. 

"We have to know that sometimes people will open the door for you and leave it open. Sometimes they won’t, and then you need to kick that f‑‑‑ing door down," Harris said to a large audience, sparking cheers. "Excuse my language," she added. 

Actor and comedian Jimmy O. Yang, who was the moderator on stage, joked, "We gotta make T-shirts with that saying, ‘Kick that f---ing door down!"

I'm not a prude and I've been known to use profanity. However, I don't expect to hear the vice president use that word when she's doing a public event, a live-streamed event. Save it for discussions inside the White House, away from the general public.  

Was she trying to look cool for the young voters? What happened to decorum? Then she cackled, quite proud of herself. 

I don't know what the Biden campaign thinks it will accomplish with this attempt of a charm offensive. Is any publicity better than no publicity at all, as the saying goes? 

If Team Biden wants to assure voters that Kamala can step up if something happens to Biden in a second term, if he is re-elected in November, no one is looking for a new best friend. Voters are looking for competence, leadership qualities, and an understanding of important issues. 

The problem is that Kamala doesn't understand the important issues of the day and she refuses to do her homework. It's been reported that when her staff tries to brief her on issues before she delivers a speech or attends a meeting, she brushes them off and goes on her merry way. She comes off as a dullard most of the time. She repeats the same sentence over and over. Often she goes on about her love of Venn diagrams. No one cares. Kamala thinks it makes her look smart.

"Here’s the thing about breaking barriers," Harris said earlier in the speech. "Breaking barriers does not mean you start on one side of the barrier, and you end up on the other side. There’s breaking involved, and when you break things, you get cut, and you may bleed, and it is worth it every time."

Harris continued, "To especially the young people here, I say to you, when you walk in those rooms, being the only one that looks like you, the only one with your background, you walk in those rooms, chin up, shoulders back, be it a meeting room, a boardroom, a courtroom, a hearing room, you walk in those rooms, knowing that we are all in that room with you, applauding you on and expecting certain things from you, including that you will not be silent in those rooms," she said. 

"And that we expect that from you because we also expect that you will internalize and know we're there with you," she added. "And so your voice can be strong."

What? The woman said a lot of words - a word salad - but she said nothing. This is typical. 

I truly am not convinced that Joe Biden wants to win re-election. He isn't putting forth an agenda for a second term. He goes out and botches short speeches from a teleprompter, speaking to small groups of people. 

Kamala is going out and trying to target groups of voters that they desperately need in November. She went to an abortion clinic to pander to pro-abortion women voters. That was a first. Did Team Biden think that appearance would change the hearts and minds of pro-life voters who may be considering voting for Biden? 

Kamala is not changing minds. She can cackle her way out of answering real questions from now until election day. But, if she wants to be taken seriously, she has to actually do the work. She has to study issues and present ideas of what she would like to work on in a second term. What has she accomplished in the first term? Nothing. She travels and delivers speeches but has little to show for her time in office. 

The thought of Kamala Harris as president is as horrifying as thinking about a second term for Joe Biden. 

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