Iranian University Offers U.S. College Student Protesters Scholarships

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The world is watching as useful idiots for Hamas demonstrate on American college campuses. 

Our enemies are loving it. The demonstrators are chanting "Death to Israel" and "Death to America" on U.S. soil. Ignorant young people are declaring themselves as Hamas, the internationally recognized terror group, a proxy of Iran. 


Shiraz University in Iran offers scholarships to American students who have been expelled.

None will take the university up on its offer, of course. The protesters in America are brainwashed college students who have been indoctrinated by far-left professors. The professors are joining in with the students on many campuses. Outside professional agitators are infiltrating the protests. 

This is a well-financed effort that is funded by dark money groups, people of the far left who support the destruction of America as we know it. It is spreading around the country, not fading away. One protest ends and another pops up on a different campus.

Shiraz University is happy to welcome American professors, too.  

Mohammad Moazzeni, head of Shiraz University in the southern region of Fars, extended his proposal to those protesting Israel's actions in its war against Hamas, following clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement across America.

He said: "Students and even professors who have been expelled or threatened with expulsion can continue their studies at Shiraz University and I think that other universities in Shiraz as well as Fars Province are also prepared [to provide the conditions]," he said, according to Irainian state-owned outlet Press TV.


While American students cosplay terrorists, the rest of the world waits and watches. Does the president, the leader of the free world, have anything to say on the topic? Is Biden secretly hoping that Israel loses its war against Hamas so Muslim Arab Americans in Dearborn, Michigan will vote for his re-election in November? 

I'm old enough to remember when silence meant complicity. 

What the useful idiots on college campuses don't understand is that they would be targeted for death under the Iranian regime. Student uprisings are not allowed. The "Woman, Life, Freedom" movement began in September 2022, after the death of a 22-year-old college student, Mahsa Amini. She was arrested and beaten by the morality police for improperly wearing her hijab in public. She later died in jail from her injuries. 

Seeing signs at American protests that read "Queers for Palestine" makes me cringe. Gay Iranians are thrown off buildings. 

There is no such thing as free speech in Iran. There is no personal freedom at all. It is worse for women and girls. College protesters who align themselves with Hamas are aligning themselves with Iran.

Moazzeni accused Western police of "autocratic methods" and said they had demonstrated "a lot of violence in order to contain this raging movement and have even threatened to expel the students from universities and hinder their employment in the future," Press TV reported.

The agency added that Moazzeni was "announcing Shiraz University's decision to offer scholarships to students expelled from European and American universities."

Shiraz University, which Newsweek has contacted for further comment, was formerly known as Pahlavi University. Established in 1946, it is one of the Islamic republic's most prestigious universities and is listed among its top three research-oriented schools.


There is a BBC documentary available now that tells the story of a 16-year-old girl who bravely protested the mandatory requirement that women wear the hijab. She was hunted down, raped, and killed. 

Warning: Violence

The older sister of Nika was arrested for not wearing a hijab. I wrote about that recently. She is 22-years-old. The morality police are cracking down on women for compliance with laws about the hijab. I hope she survives. 

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