Melania Trump Officially Returned to the Campaign Trail With Celeb-Studded Fundraiser

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

Melania Trump is back. She officially re-entered the political arena Saturday night in Mar-a-Lago. 

She was the featured headliner at a sold-out event in the Tea Room. It was a small-scale, high-profile fundraising event for the Log Cabin Republicans. Log Cabin Republicans are a pro-LGBT group. The event focused on the organization's "Road to Victory," a voter-turnout program planned for gay voters in swing states. 

Melania's message was that voters need to unite

"We must unite in our effort to establish a society where equality is the everyday experience of every American," the former first lady told Fox News Digital. "Individual freedom provides a unifying set of principles, and ultimately establishes our American way." 

"Together, we must nourish and safeguard the seeds of liberty," she continued. "Because, when successful, America blossoms into a magnificent place where everyone can practice their beliefs, share new ideas, and express individualism — this is when we are our best." 

 The former first lady worked with former Ambassador Ric Grenell who touts the progress Donald and Melania made for gay conservatives during Trump's administration. Grenell served as the ambassador to Germany and the acting director of national intelligence during the Trump administration. He was the first openly gay member of a presidential cabinet. Biden and Transportation Secretary Buttigieg like to pretend Mayor Pete checked that box first but that's not true. Grenell, to his credit, said that being the first openly gay member of a presidential cabinet "means absolutely nothing in terms of special treatment." Unlike Mayor Pete, Grenell had the resume and experience to successfully carry out his duties. 

"It simply means that the American dream is alive and well — if you work hard and have a little bit of luck and God’s grace, you can do anything you want in America regardless of your skin color, socio-economic situation, or sexual orientation," Grenell told Fox News Digital. "We want what every American wants, to be treated equally not differently." 

Grenell told Fox News Digital that the Republican Party has grown "increasingly welcoming of gay conservatives over the last 20 years." 

"But we made the most progress when Donald Trump and Melania Trump moved into the White House," Grenell told Fox News Digital. 

Grenell said there are more than 80 Log Cabin chapters across the country. The chapters are experiencing an "explosion of membership." "Gays and lesbians are no longer reflexively leftist." The left accuses Trump of homophobia, along with all the other isms but it's a lie. Trump has a long history of supporting gay rights. 

He said the 2024 election is "about the elites in D.C. versus the rest of America." He blamed Democrats and leftists for dividing Americans. 

Melania is on board. She brought together attendees to the Saturday event like Caitlyn Jenner, Dr. Oz, Elizabeth Ailes, and prominent members of the New York Republican Party. There were 60 people in attendance altogether.

Tickets went for as much as $50,000 each. Proceeds went to supporting Trump and other Republican candidates in 2024. Bill White, a former president of the Intrepid Museum, and his spouse, Bryan Eure, co-chaired the event and “escorted Mrs. Trump into the room.” Grenell presided over the event and introduced Melania to the podium.

Log Cabin Republicans are “raising funds to inform voters in crucial swing states about President Trump’s LGBT record and his goals for his second term.” 

The event was seen as an unprecedented outreach initiative to gay and lesbian voters. It is reported to be the most significant outreach program of any Republican candidate in American history. Log Cabin Republicans have been active for more than 40 years

Some media reports of the event troll Melania for such a smallish event. However, she was photographed with Trump as they went to vote during the Florida primary and when she arrived with Trump to attend the wildly successful fundraiser in Palm Beach that followed Biden's fundraiser in Manhattan with Obama and Bill Clinton. 

Melania marches to a different drummer and that drives the left nuts. She isn't a typical political wife. Jill Biden, for example, likes to pretend she is the president. Frankly, that may be more truthful than we would like to think. We know Dementia Joe isn't running the White House. 

Does it matter if Melania is on the campaign trail? Yes, I think it does to some extent. It isn't a deal-breaker for voters but she can draw in the votes of Republican women and independents. Liberal women hate her. They made her time in the White House a living hell but she is stronger than them. She rose to the occasion and was an excellent first lady. She will do it again if Trump is elected in November. I think she will be a more active first lady in the second term because Barron is graduating high school this year and she will have more time to pursue her interests when Barron goes off to college. There is no question that Melania puts Barron's well-being at the top of her list of priorities. 

If the Log Cabin event doesn't particularly interest you, how about a Mother's Day necklace? Melania has one of those to sell. Her latest online retail venture is a gold-vermeil necklace that sells for $245.

Just in time for Mother's Day (May 12), she offers "a customizable necklace designed by Melania Trump to honor all mothers."  The pendant is in the shape of a three-leaf clover with room for engraving names or dates. The back of the pendant has her signature.

"Let’s honor and celebrate all mothers with love and gratitude," Trump wrote on social media, paraphrasing the necklace's name: "Her Love and Gratitude."

Purchases of the necklace come with a "limited-edition digital collectible" without any explanation of the image. Trump has also previously sold Christmas ornaments.

This is election season so look for the trashing of Melania to begin in full force. When she was in the White House, the theme was that she was complicit in Trump's wrongdoings. She was accused of remaining silent on issues. Those around Trump said she was his closest adviser. Funny, I don't remember criticism of Hillary Clinton when Bill was exposed as a womanizer, even before his time in the White House. He survived his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Hillary was strongly encouraged to go along and stay with her husband. She went to the Democrats in Congress and spoke in support of her husband. Hillary wasn't trolled by Democrats, she was rewarded with a seat in the Senate and her political career. 

In the Clinton days, women who came forward with their stories of abuse by Bill Clinton were labeled nuts and sluts. Their stories were described as bimbo eruptions. 

First ladies aren't elected. They serve an important role. The double standard is alive and well between political parties. Democrat women are hailed as smart, dedicated, and empathetic. Republican first ladies are described in the press as out-of-touch, aloof, and not so accomplished. The double standard is alive and well. Despite the ugliness thrown at her, Melania was a good first lady and she'll be one again if Trump wins in November. 


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