This Is Who Joe Biden Is Appeasing in Michigan As He Abandons Support for Israel

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President Biden has lost the plot in the Israel-Hamas war. His alleged moral clarity in full support of Israel has been interrupted by a panic over losing votes in Dearborn, Michigan. 


The level of antisemitism in America is alarming. The fact that the president is now more worried about his re-election in November than he is about the survival of Israel and Jews is shocking. There is history here, though. Biden was Barack Obama's vice president and Obama's contempt for Israel, especially Prime Minister Netanyahu, was well known. Some Obama bros even worked against Netanyahu in an election in Israel. 

Joe Biden likes to say he's been friends with Netanyahu for decades. With friends like Biden, Netanyahu doesn't need any more. While Netanyahu may be unpopular in Israel, Israelis are overwhelmingly behind him in his execution of the war that Hamas began on October 7, 2023. 

On the last day of Ramadan, an International Al-Quds Day rally was held in Dearborn, Michigan. It was in Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib's district, Michigan's 12th Congressional district. Tlaib is the only Palestinian American member of Congress. There is no question about her complete support for Gaza. 

During the rally, chants of  "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" were heard. A speaker was heard to say the same. The hatred was focused on America though, not Israel, as the main speaker noted.

"Imam Khomeini, who declared the International Al-Quds Day, this is why he would say to pour all of your chants and all of your shouts upon the head of America," Tarek Bazzi, a Michigan-based activist associated with the Hadi institute, said in a video from the rally that was shared by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Bazzi’s comments were followed by crowds chanting "Death to America!" in the background.

Bazzi reasoned that the rallies held on the day "are so anti-America," instead of a focus on Israel, because "it’s the United States government that provides the funds for all of the atrocities," pointing to Israel's continued siege of Gaza as an example.


One person on social media noted that "Death to America" is always chanted first.

Bazzi used a quote by Malcolm X in his America-bashing rant. He repeated that America is "one of the rottenest countries that has ever existed on this Earth." Irony, much? Bazzi enjoys free speech and can freely assemble a crowd to listen to him spew anti-American hatred in Dearborn. He chooses to live there. Would any of that be possible in Gaza under Hamas control if he chose to go against Hamas? Of course not. That's why he lives in America.

It's not just Genocide Joe that has to go, he said. It's America. 

"It’s not just Genocide Joe that has to go," Bazzi said, referring to President Biden. "It is the entire system that has to go. Any system that would allow such atrocities and such devilry to happen and would support it – such a system does not deserve to exist on God’s Earth."

Bazzi then turned his attention to Israel, telling the audience that when "fools" ask them "if Israel has the right to exist," the chant "Death to Israel" is "the most logical chant shouted across the world today."

International Al-Quds Day is an annual event held on the last Friday of Ramadan. There is wide support of it in Dearborn with its highest proportion of Muslim residents in the country. The Wall Street Journal has labeled it the Jihad Capital of America. Celebrations have been controversial throughout the world. German authorities have canceled the events on multiple occasions. 


This is what Joe Biden supports. His weakness and overwhelming desire for re-election have brought us to a dangerous point. The relationship between the United States and Israel must remain strong. It is the only democracy in the region and America's only real ally there. Biden can ill afford to go so wobbly now. Israel has to be allowed to destroy Hamas. 

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