RFK, Jr: Biden is a Bigger Threat to Democracy Than Trump

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said in an interview on Monday that Joe Biden is a bigger threat to democracy than Donald Trump. 

Kennedy told CNN's Erin Burnett that President Biden is more of a threat to democracy because of how Biden has encouraged social media platforms to block him during his administration. Kennedy said Biden undermines the First Amendment and censors political speech. 


He went on to say that he doesn't think either Biden or Trump are suited for the presidency, he doesn't buy into the rhetoric that either candidate would destroy democracy. Since Burnett's question was on the danger that Trump poses to democracy, Kennedy responded that given a choice, Biden is a greater threat. He rightly pointed out that Biden has weaponized federal agencies against his opponents. 

“I can make the argument that President Biden is the much worse threat to democracy, and the reason for that is President Biden is the first candidate in history – the first president in history that has used the federal agencies to censor political speech, so to censor his opponent,” he said.

“He’s weaponizing the federal agencies. Those are really critical threats,” he added.

Kennedy pointed to his removal from social media platforms, which he attributes to pressure from the Biden administration, as evidence of the president’s efforts to censor political speech.

Kennedy is justified to have these thoughts. Biden is running for re-election on two issues - abortion and the idea that Trump is a threat to democracy. Abortion has been a winner for Democrats in elections since the Dobbs decision by the Supreme Court. The threat to democracy narrative is one that Biden ran on in 2020 and continues to do so now. Democrats always accuse Republicans of doing what they are doing. In Biden's case, a major violation of basic principles has been his work to keep his opponents off the ballot. 


Biden is using lawfare to try to keep Trump from challenging him in November. Biden shut out Kennedy by working with the DNC to keep him out of the Democrat primary race. Kennedy was elbowed out of the Democrat primary and became an independent candidate. Think of that for a minute - a Kennedy had to leave the Democrat Party to run as an independent. The Kennedy family is legendary in Democrat politics, yet here we are. 

It's a sign of weakness for Biden. He is so insecure that he wants to clear the field by any means necessary. Kennedy slams both Biden and Trump but says Biden's abuse of the First Amendment is unacceptable.  

“I think that is a threat to democracy, (Trump) overthrowing — trying to overthrow the election clearly is a threat to democracy,” Kennedy said. “But the question was, who is a worse threat to democracy? And what I would say is … I’m not going to answer that question. But I can argue that President Biden is because the First Amendment, Erin, is the most important.”

“I’m not going to defend President Trump on that, and it was appalling. And there’s many things that President Trump has done that that are appalling,” he added.

Kennedy went on to minimize the potential risks of questioning the integrity of elections, as he’s done in previous presidential elections, but said he feels it’s important for voters who believe the election was stolen to not be persecuted for their belief.

“People who say that the election is stolen… we shouldn’t make pariahs of those people. We shouldn’t demonize them. We shouldn’t vilify them. What we should be doing is saying, let’s all get together, Republicans and Democrats, and fix the election system,” he said.


There are many election deniers on the record from the Democrat side of the aisle. To act like Trump is the first candidate to question election results is absurd. 

Kennedy isn't worried about a lack of support from many of his family members. He points out that his is a very large family and he has support from many of them. He also notes that five Kennedys are working in the Biden administration. Kerry Kennedy posted a photo of the Kennedy clan at the White House with Biden for a St. Patrick's Day celebration. However, she now says her opposition isn't targeted at her brother against his policies or political views but because she thinks he will siphon votes from Biden instead of Trump. She is adamant that Trump shouldn't be re-elected. 

"When you say you see your brother's campaign as a danger, is it more about siphoning votes away from Joe Biden or is it about his policies?" Burnett asked Kennedy. 

"It's really about siphoning votes from Biden," Rory said. "The polls I'm seeing, Bobby takes 70% of the votes from Biden and 30% from Trump. I feel strongly that this is the most important election of our lifetime. There's so much at stake and I do think it's going to come down to a handful of votes in a handful of states." 

"I do worry that Bobby just taking some percentage of votes from Biden could shift the election and lead to Trump's election," she said. 


The Kennedy family's photo with Biden at the White House, showing support for him, was classless. They don't have to vote for their brother and cousin but they could keep the family drama private. As I noted, several of them work in the Biden administration. It looks self-serving. It's politics. 

Here is Kennedy's interview with Chris Cuomo from Newsnation:

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