Migrant Caravan Heads to El Paso

AP Photo/Marco Ugarte

A migrant caravan is making its way from southern Mexico to the Texas border. It is expected to arrive in the El Paso area in a few days. 

There are about 2,000 people in the caravan. One video reported that there were 3,000 marching in the caravan.


In this video, the leader speaks through a bullhorn and leads a chant - "A la Frontera, which means "To the border." The group said in Spanish, “We are not criminals, we are international workers.”

What can go wrong? 

The caravan will likely be divided up into smaller groups by the cartels so that they can more easily invade Texas. Church-run border shelters are preparing for the influx of illegal aliens, though housing is scarce because of the thousands of those already here. 

“We are in contact with people and personnel in migrant shelters in south Mexico,” the Rev. Francisco Bueno Guillen, director of the Casa del Migrante shelter in the border city of Juarez, Mexico, told the news station.

“They saw many people have come into the country recently and are being joined by others already there,” he said. “And yes,they are coming to Juarez.”

He said they are expecting at least 2,000 migrants who set off from Chiapas, Mexico, to arrive in El Paso in the coming days.


The caravan set off from Chiapas, Mexico. "Migrant's Via Crusis" was organized by Mexican activists to protect migrants making the trip to the southern border of the United States. It left Tapachula on the Guatemalan border last Monday. Another group of several hundred foreign nationals is set up in a camp in Chihuahua City, about 230 miles from El Paso.

El Paso Catholic Diocese is pledging to its counterparts south of the border it will “continue to marshal all available resources and be aware of the trends.”

“El Paso has shown itself to be very able to gear up when the surge comes and provide a safe and orderly way for those who have been permitted to come in to find a secure situation and continue on their paths,” he said, according to Border Report.

Meanwhile, hundreds of specially trained Texas National Guard troops were deployed to El Paso last week. The Texas Tactical Border Force is on the scene to keep control of the area. 

A spokesperson for the Texas Military Department told KTSM the Tactical Border Force specializes in civil disturbance. Other details are limited from the Texas Military Department but border security remains a concern for many state officials.

As of Monday, the caravan was headed to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, the sister city to El Paso, Texas. The route is being tracked by Voir Dire International, a Houston-based group that has been tracking mass immigration events for the last few years. The group has been kept busy during the Biden administration's time in power. It's been named Caravan 35, the "Way of the Cross Migrants." It is made up of men, women, children, and family groups from Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and 17 other countries. 


Some are headed to Mexico City to use the CBP One App to schedule an appointment to enter through a legal port of entry. Others are on the way to Juarez. 

It won't be long before we see if the illegal aliens stampede the border barrier again, as they did in March. They have been emboldened because those apprehended in the riot that followed the stampede have been released on their own recognizance. Only in Joe Biden's America. 

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