More, Please: First Illegal Alien Charged with Assault on Texas National Guardsman

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A 21-year-old Honduran is the first and only person so far to be charged with assault on a Texas National Guardsman during the stampede in El Paso last week. Federal authorities think that a few ringleaders orchestrated the uprising.


Junior Evaristo-Benitez was taken into custody and charged with assault on a public servant, a 3rd degree felony. A spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety confirmed that he is now cooling his heels at the El Paso County Jail. 

About six hundred illegal immigrants, most of them single adult males from Venezuela, breached the razor wire barrier and overpowered national guardsmen who tried to stop the stampede. They were not able to stop the illegals, who physically assaulted the guardsmen in their attempt to plow through into Texas. 

The situation on the southern border is getting more dangerous. Illegal immigrants coming across the border feel entitled to break U.S. law and push their way through. We saw it on Thursday morning when things got out of control in El Paso. Instead of turning themselves into Border Patrol, they ran through the agents. 

Law enforcement cameras identified about a dozen of the invaders who led the chaos. Federal authorities are seeking criminal charges against them. 


More of this, please. They have to be held accountable. They should be immediately deported. It's a little dicey with the Venezuelans because Venezuela won't take them back and President Biden put Venezuelans in the parole designation category. Nonetheless, the least that should happen is that the violent illegals sit in jail for a certain amount of time. As word gets out that they can't come here and disobey American laws, perhaps it will cause others thinking about it to reconsider this behavior. 

There was another disturbing incident along the border at El Paso. An illegal immigrant cut the razor wire barrier with bolt cutters and the hole in the barrier allowed another large group of illegals into the United States. 


That will certainly escalate the problem if illegals are starting to bring tools to cut the razor wire. 

Nonetheless, Governor Abbott persists. 

Rep. Tony Gonzales represents the El Paso area. He strongly stands up for border security

'Those people weren't trying to peacefully enter the country; they were storming the gates,' Texas Congressman Tony Gonzales, who represents east El Paso said in a phone interview Friday.

'What do you think they're going to do when they're released all over the country?' 

'There has to be repercussions for people who break the law,' Gonzales added.

'This is wrong-- this is wrong on all levels.'

He's right. The level of violence is escalating against those tasked with securing the southern border. The group who stormed the razor wire barrier in El Paso on Thursday failed to get across on Wednesday night. They threw rocks at Texas National Guardsmen. They ended up dispersing when they failed. 

One Texas congresswoman blamed the Texas National Guardsmen for the chaotic invasion. 


 'Today's event make two things clear: first Operation Lone Star is ineffective and does not work,' the El Paso official said in a statement.

'Texas National Guard are not trained to process migrants and their presence impedes federal law enforcement.'

That is what Democrats do. They blame law enforcement, not the lawbreakers. It's disgusting. 

The Biden administration and its fellow travelers actively work against Governor Abbott and Texas in the state's fight to secure its border. They don't want the border secured. Governor Abbott is doing the work that Joe Biden refuses to do. 


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