Jill Biden Launches Women for Biden-Harris Initiative in an Important Swing State

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Having gotten through Black History Month, today begins Women's History Month. It is not a coincidence that Jill Biden chose this day to launch “Women for Biden-Harris.” 


This is a nationwide effort to organize and mobilize female voters to help re-elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for a second term in the White House. Jill is in charge. Of course, she is. We know what happens when Kamala is put in charge. Nothing. Nothing at all. Kamala doesn't bother to put in work on anything. No one is going to call her a worker bee. 

It's hard to imagine a more inept administration than the current one and that includes the Biden re-election campaign. Where is it? What is it doing? The White House won't let Biden do one-on-one interviews with news outlets. They won't let him do a real press conference. When he speaks to reporters and takes a couple of questions, he uses his note cards to call on pre-select reporters who are often reported to have submitted questions in advance. Biden was a guest on Seth Meyers' late-night talk show. It was a rating disaster, especially with younger voters that Biden was trying to attract.

Poll ratings are in the dumpster for old Joe and his sidekick Kamala. Her numbers are worse than his and that is really bad. Biden's approval rating is hovering at 37%. Yikes. I'd just like to know who the 37% are that think he is doing a good job. 

Women voters were instrumental in Joe Biden's victory in 2020. Joe Biden is underwater with most demographics. The launch of this pander spectacular begins today in Atlanta. Georgis is an important swing state. That is why Team Biden keeps going to Georgia to deliver speeches and do events there. I knew Georgia would be a favorite state for this administration when Biden barely won it in 2020. He had to make it a favorite to try to stay viable there. Look where he most frequently travels for speeches and events - Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Nevada. He goes to California but that's a very safe blue state and he's there for the campaign money. 


The Women for Biden-Harris initiative is going to Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin this weekend. All of them are swing states. We see you, Jill.

Biden’s campaign said the organization will mobilize women volunteers across the nation with help from key surrogates. The initiative will focus on Biden’s support for abortion rights, firearms restrictions and other key proposals.

“Women put Joe in the White House four years ago, and women will do it again,” Jill Biden said in a statement. “In our communities, women are the organizers, the planners, the mobilizers. We get things done.”

Democrats are running on abortion and scaring voters about alleged threats to democracy Donald Trump would pose to our country if he is victorious in November. What else can Joe Biden run on? Despite the gaslighting going on by Democrats and Biden himself that his is the most successful administration of all time, he doesn't have any successes to claim. Voters sure aren't feeling all Biden's alleged successes. Biden's America has a Jimmy Carter-era malaise vibe. 

Julie Chávez Rodriguez, Biden’s campaign manager, said the stakes for women in this election “could not be higher.” Women were crucial to Biden’s defeat of Trump in 2020.

“Americans will face a real choice at the ballot box this November between Joe and Kamala who will stand up and fight for women and their freedoms each and every day, and Donald Trump who is looking to take our rights and freedoms away,” Rodriguez said in a statement. “Republicans have underestimated the power of women time after time and together, this November, we will make sure that they never make that mistake again.”


Jill has her work cut out for her. Her husband isn't popular with anyone these days. 

Women were a crucial part of the coalition that elected Biden in 2020, giving him 55% of their vote, according to AP VoteCast. Black women and suburban women were pillars of Biden’s coalition while Trump had a modest advantage among white women and a much wider share of white women without college degrees, according to the AP survey of more than 110,000 voters in that year’s election.

Will black women and suburban women stick with Biden this time around? That's the question. 

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