Axios: Hunter Biden's Sobriety will Save Democracy

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Hunter Biden is scheduled to testify behind closed doors tomorrow. He will sit for a deposition though for months he insisted he would only testify in public. 


On Monday, Axios published an interview with Hunter. Coincidence? I don't believe in coincidences in politics. Hunter rarely speaks to the press. When he does, it usually doesn't go well. This time is no different. 

Hunter takes his narcissism to a new level during the interview. He claims he has to stay sober to save democracy. He wants to keep Donald Trump out of the White House and that, in his mind, will save democracy. 

Hunter knows his father, who is running for re-election, is worried that his addict son may relapse because mean Republicans are attacking the Biden men. Joe Biden is worried about Hunter's legal problems. So, Hunter is doing all he can to stay clean and sober. He doesn't want his drama to be a reason that Trump wins the election in November. 

"Most importantly, you have to believe that you're worth the work, or you'll never be able to get sober. But I often do think of the profound consequences of failure here," Hunter said.

"Maybe it's the ultimate test for a recovering addict — I don't know," Hunter Biden said. "I have always been in awe of people who have stayed clean and sober through tragedies and obstacles few people ever face. They are my heroes, my inspiration."

He added that in this case, "I have something much bigger than even myself at stake. We are in the middle of a fight for the future of democracy."

Wow. What an ego. Like other Democrats who claim that a Trump win will be the end of democracy in our constitutional republic, he doesn't bother to give specifics. It's a Democrat talking point and they are sticking with it. 


Hunter has admitted to being an addict from 2013 to 2018. His business dealings during that time are under investigation by the House Oversight Committee and the House Judiciary Committee. Joe Biden was vice president during some of those years. Hunter Biden and others in the Biden family are under scrutiny for allegedly enriching themselves by selling access to Joe Biden to the tune of millions of dollars. Republicans are looking to impeach Joe Biden for his connection to corrupt Biden family dealings. Hunter has referred to his father as The Big Guy who gets 10% of his deals. House Republicans are working on gathering strong evidence Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden said he has been sober from alcohol and drugs since June 1, 2019, in federal court. He has been drug-tested since August 2023, according to U.S. Magistrate Judge Christopher Burke. He has tested negative. Hunter's legal team said that he continued to be tested since the hearing in September and he still tests negative. 

Hunter and only Hunter can save democracy. Imagine the state of the media in this country that props up the Biden family as Hunter is about to report for a deposition. Axios is acting as wingman for Biden's re-election, in my humble opinion. 

When Joe Biden announced his candidacy in 2019, Hunter was still living his life as an addict. That didn't stop his father's presidential ambitions. After a family intervention and Hunter fleeing to California, he got sober. Hunter said that this showed his father's confidence in his son's recovery. I think it shows Joe Biden's ability to put his ambitions over the needs of his family. Biden was an old man in retirement when he decided to run against Trump - to save democracy - in 2019. There were plenty of other Democrats who came forward to run in the 2019 Democrat primary. 


Hunter said he wants to stay sober because he feels a responsibility to "make it through that fight clean and sober, and I feel a responsibility to everyone struggling through their own recovery to succeed."

Again, Hunter and Hunter alone is shouldering the responsibility for everyone facing this battle. Ugh.

Families across America deal with this issue. Addiction is more common than most people realize and it changes a family's dynamics, whether the family is well-known or not. Hunter leans into this status as a public figure because of his last name but he sounds like a jerk. He complains while he makes sure to acknowledge that many people struggle in addiction recovery. He can't have it both ways. 

There is no reason for Hunter to be speaking up about the pressure he feels to stay sober so his father can win re-election. His handlers should tell him to just stop talking.

Hunter married Melissa Cohen, a documentary filmmaker, soon after Biden entered the race in 2019. She is credited with helping him get sober.

Hunter's initial sobriety date was the day they married — May 17, 2019, the day before Joe Biden's official campaign kickoff in Philadelphia.

Hunter acknowledged in court last July that he had a "drink or two" soon after, and said June 1 of that year was his official sobriety date.

Addicts don't just have a drink or two when they relapse. I don't criticize Hunter for continuing to work on sobriety. It's a good thing for his family, including a very young son he has with his current wife. He's a 53-year-old man, though, not a twenty-something regaling his life as an addict. Hunter's career involves cashing in on the family name and that includes the memoir he wrote that provided details of his addiction. This kind of softball interview feels like the same grift. He's hoping for some public sympathy as he deals with his self-inflicted legal challenges. 


His father will be fine. His ego is big enough that he will remain in the race no matter what happens. For Hunter Biden to come out now and say he is saving democracy is a bridge too far, even for him.

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