Feel-Good Friday: 'Where's the Beef?' Edition

Courtesy of Heinz via AP

If you are looking for a good deal on food - and who isn't these days - there is good news. As Valentine's Day approaches, this may help those struggling on a budget while still looking to do something to celebrate the special day.


Bidenomics has played havoc with food budgets. Almost everything costs more in the grocery store than it did in the recent past. So, how about a free hamburger? Not just today but throughout the weekend, too. Wendy's has your back.

The catch is that you have to download the Wendy's app to claim a burger. The deal - a free Dave’s Single - runs until Monday, February 12. 

You don't have to buy anything else to get the deal. There is a limit of one free hamburger per order and a limit of one per order per day. You can get the deal every day from Friday through Monday. That's four free burgers. The offer began on February 5, so that's a potential of a week of Wendy burgers. Heh.

The burgers include cheese if you prefer. If you order the burger for delivery, you have to pay the delivery fee. However, if you order it on Super Bowl Sunday, there is no delivery fee. Delivery only works on the Wendy's app, not on Uber Eats or DoorDash.

Why is Wendy's doing it? It is to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Wendy's famous "Where's the Beef?" commercial. It aired during Super Bowl 18 in 1984. 



Clara Peller, a Russian-born American manicurist and television personality was in her 80s when she became a star with that commercial. She died in 1987.

If you are looking for deals in regular sit-down kind of restaurants, there are plenty of those to choose from, depending on how many are in your town. 

And, if you want to stick with fast food options, there is a list of those, too.

Let's face it, everyone is looking for a deal these days, thanks to Bidenomics and Bidenflation. Eating out in a restaurant is a treat. Valentine's Day is a good reason to indulge if your budget allows it. 

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