NBC News: Biden Considering Executive Action on Southern Border

AP Photo/Eric Gay

REALLY? Now the Biden administration is looking into executive action on the southern border.

Chalk this story up to Joe Biden's panic over his flailing re-election campaign. A very Democrat-friendly legacy network, NBC, runs an exclusive story that the president is considering using executive action to secure the southern border. That means someone in the White House wants to plant a seed that Biden has no choice but to move on his own because those horrible Republicans won't get with the program and pass the Democrats' idea of immigration reform. You can't make this stuff up. 

This is why so many of us (I'll speak for myself) despise Joe Biden. Hollywood could not create a better example of a stereotypical hypocritical Swamp politician. The man's entire 50 years in elected office have been a ruse. Biden carefully crafted a reputation as a politician who can work with both sides of the aisle, a man who is an expert on foreign policy and can make a deal. None of this is true. Especially at this late stage in his life, Biden has proven to be inept and unable to do his job as leader of the free world. 

Case in point - the southern border. Let me tell you, when I saw that headline on the NBC News story, my first reaction was, "YHGTBFKM." After all the angst and anger over the Senate's border bill, the White House suddenly claims to have been working on executive actions the president may take to secure the border for months

Why would this claim be surfacing right now? Is it because the border bill blew up in a bipartisan manner? Republicans objected to the softness of the bill and Democrats objected to the bill being too tough. From my viewpoint, the truth is that the bill didn't do enough. I am of the camp that says the acceptable number of illegal immigrants is zero. Zero. Not 5,000 per day before the border is closed. That number would open up gaming of the number, keeping the number just under 5,000 to continue the stream of illegal immigrants into our country. How does that help Border Patrol and other law enforcement on the border? 

The answer is that immigrants have to use legal ports of entry. Period. I know it is simplistic to say but that's the law. If Joe Biden would allow Border Patrol to enforce current immigration law, it would go a long way in securing the border.

The White House is desperate now that the Senate bill is a non-starter. It's dead. The problem for Biden is that his border catastrophe has gotten so bad that the entire country is noticing. Immigration and border security is the top issue for many voters this year, a presidential election year. Every state has become a border state. Sanctuary city mayors are outraged that the federal government is not bailing them out with financial assistance and resources to cope with the influx of illegal aliens into their cities. It's like sanctuary city designation has consequences or something. 

The executive orders that may or may not be coming from the White House are meant to quell the pressure from mayors, all Democrats in blue cities. 

The White House knows that a slight dip in illegal border crossings will be followed by another explosion of illegal immigrants invading the southern border. That's the pattern. It is the pattern because when one spot along the border becomes secure, as it is now in Eagle Pass, Texas, the cartels who traffic human beings across the border regroup and choose another location to use. Most illegal crossings are happening now in Arizona and Southern California. That will change again when another portion of the Texas border fills the void for the cartels. 

The Biden re-election campaign is in a tough spot. Them's the breaks. Daily illegal border crossings have topped 10,000 in the past months. It will happen again and Team Biden knows it. On Tuesday, the number of illegal crossings was reported to be over 6,800. The progressive left is happy with the open border. That is why Joe Biden ran on inviting the entire world to our border in 2020. He wanted the votes. The open southern border has always been a pure political calculation for Biden.

As has been noted before, Joe Biden has always been historically wrong on foreign policy decisions, despite his ability to brand himself otherwise. The southern border is a part of our national security and record numbers of names on the terror watch list have been discovered as the illegal immigrants are processed. This is alarming, to understate the threat. 

The story leaked to NBC News looks to be a vehicle to slam Republicans for not going along to get along with the Senate border bill. 

In a statement, a White House spokesperson said, “The administration spent months negotiating in good faith to deliver the toughest and fairest bipartisan border security bill in decades because we need Congress to make significant policy reforms and to provide additional funding to secure our border.”

“Today, Congressional Republicans chose to put partisan politics ahead of our national security and voted against what border agents have said they need. No regulatory actions would accomplish what the bipartisan national security agreement would have done for border security and the immigration system at large.”

The NBC News article states that Biden has delivered some executive orders on border security.

In May, when Covid restrictions were set to lift at the border, the Department of Homeland Security introduced restrictions that would make more migrants eligible for speedy deportations. But overwhelming numbers meant the vast majority of migrants apprehended by border agents were still released into the U.S.

That's true but until Biden puts a stop to catch and release, nothing else matters. The main reason illegal immigrants feel emboldened to make the journey to the southern border and ask for asylum is because they know that once they are on American soil, they will most likely be allowed to stay until their court date rolls around, which will be years away due to the immigration court backlogs. They will get a piece of paper with a court date on it and be off on their merry way. 

On Wednesday night, during an interview on MSNBC, Senator Chris Murphy said the quiet part out loud. Democrats "care about most the undocumented Americans that are in this country." 

So, there's that bit of truth. Democrats prioritize illegal aliens over American citizens. We knew that all along. It's good to see a Democrat - one who was in the lead of the failed Senate bill - admit it now.

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