No surrender: More migrant buses sent by Governor Abbott are New York City bound

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Hola, Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams! More migrant buses from Texas are en route to New York, despite Governor Hochul’s demand that any illegal aliens thinking of coming to New York City go someplace else. It couldn’t happen to a better smug “all are welcome here” Democrat.


When the Democrat leaders in big cities made a big deal of saying they would welcome illegal aliens with open arms, I don’t recall hearing any of them put a number on their offer to accept everyone, regardless of immigration status. It looks like Hochul and NYC Mayor Eric Adams meant that all illegal aliens are welcome until they take them up on the offer. No sympathy from me. They asked for it.

Buses left from Del Rio and Eagle Pass Friday headed to New York City. Other sanctuary cities can expect new arrivals soon, too. The flood of illegal aliens has exploded again. The international bridge in Eagle Pass now looks like the bridge in Del Rio in past months with thousands of illegals seeking shelter. Let the buses roll.

One eye witness said about three dozen illegals boarded the bus in Eagle Pass bound for NYC. That number tracks with previous bus loads. Another bus left for Chicago on Friday. Get those tent camps ready, Mayor Johnson.

They said: “There were at least six young children, including an infant with a yellow onesie who boarded. They said it would be a long bus ride, and will take around two and half days to reach New York City.”

Another bus left from the town bound for Chicago. On Friday Gov. Abbott announced he would be providing more buses from Eagle Pass to destinations across the US for migrants.

He also announced he would start to bus people out of El Paso, a Democrat-controlled city which has long resisted allowing the governor to run buses, but which is also overwhelmed.


Governor Abbott’s press secretary noted the hypocrisy of Governor Hochul. She cries foul in New York while the real crisis is along the southern border. It is unsustainable for Texas and Arizona to bear the burden of the Biden border crisis. It’s past time for cities elsewhere that virtue signal everyone else to make good on their promises.

The hypocrisy of Governor Hochul is astounding,” Abbott Press Secretary Andrew Mahaleris told The Post Friday.

“With millions of residents, New York is only dealing with a fraction of what our small border communities deal with on a day-to-day basis. Instead of complaining about 14,000 migrants being bused to New York City from Texas, Governor Hochul should be calling out her party leader, President Biden, who has been flying plane loads of migrants to New York and oftentimes in the cover of night.”

232,972 migrant encounters are being reported in the month of August. That number may be updated, as the final CBP report has not been released. The number of illegal migrant encounters for Fiscal Year 2023 is the highest number ever. The number coming up in September will likely be jaw-dropping.

It is infuriating that Biden and his minions are blaming Republicans for his border crisis. He does so on the campaign trail and his spokesperson tells the press that because Republicans did not support Biden’s “comprehensive reform” bill on immigration, it is their fault. Biden knows that Republicans will not sign on to blanket amnesty and unlimited work permits for illegal aliens. No pathway to citizenship is acceptable for them, either. Migrants don’t get to break into our country and receive citizenship as though they did it the legal way. No jumping the line of those immigrants doing it the right way.


A large percentage of the illegal aliens flocking to the southern border are Venezuelans. Biden has given them special status and is allowing in large numbers of them. He increased the number this week. Governor Hochul wants illegal aliens to be able to quickly get work permits. Mayor Adams in NYC wants to do away with the city’s Right to Shelter law. My, my. Reality bites hard.

This week, the Biden administration said it will offer temporary legal status to an estimated 472,000 Venezuelans who arrived in the country as of July 31, in part pushed by calls from Adams and Hochul to allow more migrants in New York to work legally, rather than turning to the black economy.

Federal laws prevent asylum seekers from applying for a work permit until six months after their asylum application is filed, to discourage people from claiming asylum for purely economic reasons.

Expect the flood of Venezuelans to continue, thanks to Biden’s insanity. Why wouldn’t they come? They won’t be turned away. Financial hardship isn’t supposed to be a reason for asylum to be granted to immigrants. Biden is making up his own rules. As I always say, the Biden border crisis is intentional. He is deliberately not securing the southern border. He wants Central and South American migrants to get jobs in America to ease alleged worker shortages. What could possibly go wrong?


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David Strom 12:40 PM | July 23, 2024