Mayor of Eagle Pass issues disaster declaration as arrests of illegal migrants plummet

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The number of arrests at Eagle Pass, Texas has plummeted. Despite the number of illegal migrants crossing the border escalating, the arrests have dwindled to almost none. Why is that?


As it turns out, locals who live along the border don’t want any part of law enforcement efforts to apprehend and detain the illegals. Ever since the stories of abuse toward illegal migrants came out from an alleged whistleblower in the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), local residents are concerned about their treatment. Eagle Pass is the epicenter of illegal crossings and that has been true for several months. Before the epicenter shifted, the epicenter was Del Rio. The alleged whistleblower claimed that a memo had been sent to DPS officers that instructed them to refuse to give water to those being apprehended and to shove women and children back into the Rio Grande River. It made no sense. There are countless photos on social media of DPS and Border Patrol rescuing the river crossers, often saving them from drowning. They provide them with water because the migrants are often dehydrated. No one is shoving women and children back into the river. C’mon.

So, locals no longer want to allow law enforcement on their property to apprehend illegals. No more trespassing charges are being issued.

Between Aug. 17 and last week, the state arrested only nine migrants in Maverick County, according to lawyers for those charged in Operation Lone Star. That’s compared to nearly 1,200 arrests from July to mid-August. Crossings have meanwhile increased along the border since August and have specifically jumped in Eagle Pass in recent days.

The drop in arrests comes after allegations that state troopers mistreated migrants sparked a backlash this summer, souring many in the small town on the state’s tactics. The Department of Public Safety has since lost access to key properties it was using to arrest migrants on trespassing charges, and a spokesman for the agency said they have reassigned troopers to smaller cities seeing an influx of migrants.


Only 9 arrests. They are just being waved in at this point. In Texas. It’s all because the property owners and city residents are alarmed about allegations of aggressive measures being taken to secure the border. The locals are particularly worried about families being separated. The men in some family units are being held separately from the other family members. The men may be deported while the women and children have been released into the country. Allegedly, 40 families have been separated by DPS in Texas. The truth is that the Biden administration is also separating families. No one seems concerned about that. It’s just when Texas does something to protect its border with Mexico that everyone takes to their fainting couches.

The Eagle Pass city council rescinded an agreement with troopers that allowed them to arrest migrants in a public park. The city council ordered officials to negotiate with the state. No deal has been struck yet. DPS has been blocked from making arrests in an area where a large concentration of illegal migrants gather. This action led to a ranch owner asking that the illegals no longer be arrested on his property.

The owner of a ranch south of the park also pulled out of an agreement with the state that allowed troopers to press trespassing charges on his property. The owner asked the agency to stop arresting migrants on the property soon after the council moved to terminate the park agreement, according to state Rep. Eddie Morales Jr., a Democrat who represents the area and serves as the ranch owner’s attorney.

The owner, Beyer Junfin, “just wanted to be left out of it,” Morales Jr. said.

He said DPS troopers “were doing their thing and they never asked for his support. Somehow they thought he would be OK with it, but he wasn’t.” Junfin did not respond to a request for comment.


I guess DPS just has to let them go now. All because of that alleged whistleblower’s memo, people are now not willing to have any part of migrant apprehensions. Biden’s DOJ is looking into the memo because Biden always takes the side against Border Patrol and DHS. Remember whipgate? There are also lawsuits filed against the state’s use of razor wire along the Rio Grande River’s banks and the buoy barrier system. It’s more important to some to be welcoming and nice to those who deliberately choose to break into our country. The agents in the area have been reassigned to other communities.

The border remains open and this development in Eagle Pass does not help anything. The mayor issued a local disaster declaration Tuesday night.

Conditions in the city are shifting by the day, however, with thousands of migrants having crossed there since the weekend. Morales Jr. said at least 2,000 people crossed Monday alone and about 2,000 crossed Sunday, as well.

“It has taken a toll on our local resources, specifically our police force and our fire department,” he said. “I’ve been getting a lot of calls from our constituents that they get worried, they see a lot of people in our community.”

Actions have consequences, unless it is for an illegal migrant crossing the Rio Grande River and coming in to Texas or any border state. They are apprehended and released into the country. It’s no wonder the numbers are exploding again after a brief reprieve in June when the results of ending Title 42 were felt. As predicted, the human traffickers and drug cartels re-grouped and have come back stronger than ever.


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